Introduction History of the Conflict

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Introduction History of the Conflict

“Grab the rifle, boy. There’s something moving in the fields, and it ain’t natural.” — Albert Woodman, Colony hydro farmer

When the Frontier was first discovered, the IMC funded numerous expeditions to explore and colonize the new worlds. Over time, the novelty of these initial discoveries wore off. Without a steady stream of constant revelations, interest in Frontier exploration waned amongst the majority of humanity in the Core Systems, and IMC support for Frontier development went into decline.

Soon thereafter, a number of major conflicts in the Core Systems took priority over the IMC’s interests in the Frontier, and the IMC effectively abandoned all investment in its Frontier expeditions. For several generations, life on the Frontier continued with minimal connection to the IMC and the Core Systems.

When the IMC finally turned its attention back to its original colonies on the Frontier, their envoys had discovered that the descendants of the pioneering expeditions had flourished independent of support from the IMC. Many worlds on the Frontier had been colonized and access to plentiful resources was commonplace.

Struggling to meet consumer demands in the Core Systems, and seeing a wealth of new resources on the Frontier, the IMC declared eminent domain, citing their investments dating back to the original expeditions. They sent large fleets to establish control of the region, building new manufacturing and mining operations, often displacing established Frontier citizens in the process.

After years of failed diplomacy, the citizens of the Frontier had endured enough. They put aside their differences to fight the IMC, and formed the Militia. Today, the many branches and factions within the Militia continue the fight for independence from the IMC’s exploitation of the Frontier and its people. While the question of who is right and who is wrong in this conflict is arguably a matter of historical perspective, one thing is certain: this conflict will continue until either the Militia is wiped out, or the IMC withdraws from the Frontier.