WAR GAMES Last Titan Standing

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Titanfall Official Digital Strategy Guide
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WAR GAMES Last Titan Standing


  • With only four paths to cross(Blue Street, Gold Street, Blue Outskirts and Gold Outskirts) to reach the opponents side of the map you’ll want to take the beginning of the match slow by weakening the enemy Titans little by little. Your team should place at least one Titan at every path to ensure your team is not flanked. Once your team has made dent in the enemy’s armor make a team push towards one side of the map. It is important your team stays together on one side of the map. Try focusing your teams fire on the same Titan to quickly gain numbers against the enemy team.
  • There are many structures in the outskirts allowing you to drop behind for cover to get your shields back or wait for a friendly Titan to assist you. Utilize these structures and make your enemy charge you if you’re weak.
  • Be aware of the PIT OF DEATH. Punching an enemy Titan down the pit of death can be one of the most satisfying things to accomplish in Titanfall but it can also be one of the most shameful things to happen to you. You have be warned.
  • The streets are a prime spot to bait in an enemy Titan while a friendly Titan awaits in the Alleyway to set up the ultimate tag team. The Titan in the Alleyway needs to be patient and not give away his position. Once an enemy Titan has pushed far enough down the street, charge out from the Alleyway and sandwich the enemy Titan.
  • With the long views across the map you’ll want to put away your Electric Smoke and equip the Particle Wall. The Particle Wall is excellent off the start of the match when your team is trying to slowly weaken the enemy Titans.