WAR GAMES Capture the Flag

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WAR GAMES Capture the Flag


  • On War Games there an many flag routes to take with the considerable amount of walls to run on. Try finding your favorite route by running around the map in a priavte match with a friend. In the videos below you’ll see the fastest flag routes for the Militia and IMC.

  • Guarding the IMC base can be tough on the ground so move towards the top of the IMC base near the satellite. Here you’ll have a complete over of incoming enemies to pick off before they even reach your base. If the enemy team spots you drop down behind to cement wall for cover. There are only a couple ways to reach this position atop the IMC base. Periodically check back to those locations to make sure you’re not being flanked. Using a sniper or carbine will be extremely effective here.
  • Another option to run the flag is by hoping aboard a friendly Titan and running the flag through Blue or Gold outskirts. The outskirts will allow you to quickly travel back to your base and take little fire. Be sure your teammate is using a Stryder to quickly aid you back to your base.
  • The Militia base has a similar position to the IMC base. On top of the Militia base you’ll have a billboard and other objects for cover but your view is very limited and there are many ways to reach the top of the Militia base. Pick up a few kills from this position but don’t stay here too long. The Militia base is best defended inside the base.