The Imperial AT-AT in Star Wars Battlefront crushes the Rebellion with its laser cannons and devastating Orbital Strike. One of these towering behemoths gives the Empire a huge advantage in Walker Assault, slowly stomping its way across the battlefield while obliterating enemies in its destructive path. 

Thankfully the AT-AT is susceptible to Tow-Cables. Similar to the iconic scene in The Empire Strikes Back, Rebels piloting Snowspeeders can encircle the AT-AT while wrapping cables around its legs. Succeed and you’ll bring the sucker down. 

Doing this takes skill and some patience.  You must familiarize yourself with the Snowspeeder controls and complete the Tow-Cable mini-game. There’s also other Imperials to deal with. They won’t take too kindly to seeing their biggest advantage under attack.

The Snowspeeder Tow-Cable is the vehicle’s Power Ability. Get close to the AT-AT and press LB + RB on Xbox One or L1 + R1 on the PlayStation 4 when you see the on-screen prompt. Doing this results in a vertical bar with an Airspeeder icon appearing on the screen. You want to carefully tilt the right analog stick up and down to keep this icon within the bar. If the icon is white you’re doing a good job. If it’s red the Tow-Cable will detach momentarily. 

There’s still more to do! Make note of the four dots on the left. With each successful lap a dot turns blue and the aforementioned vertical bar shrinks, which makes keeping your icon within range even tougher. Turn the fourth dot blue and the AT-AT will go down, but don’t make the rookie mistake of taking your hands off the controls. Pull back to prevent your Snowspeeder from slamming into the frozen tundra.

Destroying an AT-AT is easy in relatively safe conditions, but you will contend with different variables, enemy fire for starters. There’s a great chance the Imperials will quickly gang up on you. Additionally, an AT-AT near a mountain or wall poses a challenge since you’ll have trouble making successful laps.

Now that you know how to use the Tow-Cable, head into battle and dominate Walker Assault mode

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