100% all the trophies or achievements for a game is a big deal to some and is definitely a rewarding experience once you complete the list. Use this extract of the full list with our Guide Preview to obtain all the collectibles and trophies or achievements for New Vulcan. Get unlimited access to our complete eGuide for Star Trek here.

Go Team! Kill or take down an enemy that your teammate (AI or co-op player) has stunned 10 Bronze
Non-Lethal Master (Start) Took down 30 enemies in a non-lethal manner 10 Bronze
Tricorder Tinkerer (Start) Bought all upgrades for the tricorder 30 Bronze
Captain’s Phaser Tinkerer (Start) Bought all upgrades for the Captain’s phaser 30 Bronze
Vulcan Repeater Tinkerer (Start) Bought all upgrades for the Vulcan Repeater 30 Bronze
Dagger of the Mind (Start) Performed mind-meld on 10 different enemies 10 Bronze
Captain’s Phaser Master (Start) Kill 100 enemies with the Captain’s phaser 10 Bronze
Vulcan Repeater Master (Start) Kill 100 enemies with the Vulcan Repeater 10 Bronze
Starfleet Type III Rifle Master (Start) Kill 20 enemies with the Starfleet Type III Rifle 10 Bronze
Vulcan Pulse Cannon Master (Start) Kill 50 enemies with the Vulcan Pulse Cannon 10 Bronze
Ravager Master (Start) Kill 50 enemies with the Ravager 10 Bronze
Live Long and Prosper (Start) Revived your teammate (AI or co-op player) 20 times 10 Bronze
Exemplary Commendation (Start) Complete all optional objectives 100 Gold
One Man Army Kill three enemies while your teammate (AI or co-op player) is in a downed state 10 Bronze
Down But Not Out Kill three enemies while in a single downed state 10 Bronze
Beat New Vulcan Completed the New Vulcan chapter on any difficulty 20 Bronze

Many of the achievements and trophies listed here cannot be earned in this chapter. However, progress toward these listed achievements and trophies can be begin in this chapter.

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