Soul Sacrifice

Closer and closer to the end of the journal, this act is full of tough fights against powerful foes. Use this as a reference and tip sheet to toughen yourself up for the battles ahead.

Mad Chronicle: The Beginning of the End

By now, as Librom has said, the author of the journal has begun to completely unravel. The events during this act only serve to drive things even further into madness. This act is made up exclusively of single encounters and ends with the truth of Illecebra and Magusar's relationship.

Chapter 1

Rewards Available - Swamp Muck (S) - Grave Clod (M) - Ferrous Timesand

Enemies - Nihil (Sorceress)

This chapter plays out like any other fight against a fellow Sorcerer. All the offerings she uses are availabe to you and by this point they will be very familiar to you, making the fight very straightforward. Just like the other Sorcerer's you've fought, the only way to end this fight is to sacrifice her.

Chapter 2

Rewards Available

  • Boulderbug Shell (M)
  • Timesand
  • Chest of Fortune (S)


  • Magusar (!!)

Even though you know how strong Magusar is, he is still only human. You will find that he is much more prepared than other sorcerers however. At a distance, he will fire explosive and homing attacks toward you while up close you will be hit with roaring and rising attacks. Stay aggressive and he will go down just like all the others.

Chapter 3

Rewards Available

  • Falcon Feather (M)
  • Thunder Bucket (M)
  • Thunderdrake Egg (M)


  • Illecebra (Sorceress)

This fight is no different than before other than Illecebra being more aggressive. Just keep on her and eventually you will complete the chapter. Note that Illecebra won't fall just yet...

Chapter 4

Rewards Available

  • Bouldershield Fragment
  • Thunder Blanket (M)
  • Fulgurtree Root


  • Illecebra (Archfiend)

This is easily one of if not the toughest fight in the main story of the game (outside of the final battle). Illecebra has become an Archfiend and it's time to take her down for good.During the fight, Illecebra will cycle between heat, frost and volt attacks. You can identify the element by the faint aura on her torso. She will also fight you in two different stances.

While Illecebra stands on two legs she will use superhuman agility to leap around the battlefield and try to stay away from you. Almost all of her attacks in this stance are ranged. Fortunately it is easy to see when she begins one of these attacks as the colored spheres she holds in her hands will begin to levitate and spin in a circle in front of her before unleashing attacks based on her element. Unfortunately these are some of the most devastating attacks you will see, in particular the volt element which sends huge lines of electricity across almost the entire battlefield and can easily drain half your life bar in a single hit.

The best strategy (though still dangerous) during these segments is to stay as close as possible to Illecebra so that you can move behind her when these attacks begin. Just be careful as she is not harmless up close and can unleash a roaring attack to knock you back or whirl in place with an elemental attack.

Illecebra's second stance is much more aggressive. She will drop to the ground and scuttle about like a spider and can easily outrun you so you will need to be quick on the dodge while she is chasing you. Illecebra will use her speed to close in and unleash a spinning attack charged with an element and can deal a hefty amount of damage very quickly.

Without Magusar by your side, this fight would be far more difficult! Whenever Illecebra turns her attention to him, instead of rushing to aid him it is best to use the time to kill nearby monsters and refresh your offerings. Keep your attacks up and don't be afraid to peck away at her little by little if needed and she will eventually fall.

Chapter 5

Rewards Available

  • None


  • Illecebra

This chapter is the shortest in the game. All you have to do is walk up to Illecebra and sacrifice her to end the chapter.

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