Soul Sacrifice

Things just get more and more interesting as you descend further into the Mad Chronicle. Use this as a quick reference as you continue your journey.

Mad Chronicle: Fading Humanity

Things start to pick up the pace from this act onward as the story comes to a head and the difficulty of the chapters begins to ramp up. This particular act is a brief four chapters but introduces you to a new Archfiend that you will become intimately familiar with.

Chapter 1

The chapter will be the first time you see areas of consequence. Though they don't sound good, areas of consequence can make or break some of the later chapters. When you use your Mind's Eye, areas of consequence appear as white circles on the ground and as long as you stand within the circle you will get a boost to your abilities.

Rewards Available - Battle Axe Edge - Bouldershield Fragment - Ferrous Timesand

Enemies - Candle Spiders x3 - Gravespike Goblin x6 - Orc x5

Chapter 2

Rewards Available - Iron Pinwheel (M) - Thunderstone Lid (L) - Bolt Axe Fragment

Enemies - Cerberus (Archfiend)

The Cerberus is easily the fastest Archfiend you've faced so far and you will be fighting it in a fairly small area with nothing to hide behind. The most important thing when fighting the Cerberus is to never let it out of your sight! Keep it on screen as much as you can and try to keep your distance whenever possible. The Archfiend's most common response to you being far away is to approach you with a charging attack. Bring along a shield and block this attack to stun the Cerberus for several precious seconds while you damage it with whatever you like. Magusar likes to use a shield often as well so you can alternately hide behind his when the Archfiend charges. Once you've destroyed one or more of its cursed parts this stun will last for a much shorter period so it's important to not waste any time.

Staying at a distance not only gives you plenty of warning for its attacks but also keeps you safe from the Archfiend's most devastating attack. Once it takes a decent amount of damage, the Cerberus will occasionally stand straight and pull the spear from its chest. This is your signal to run as far as you can. It will drive the spear into the ground, sending out red electricity along the ground in several directions. Should you get too close to one of these waves it will begin to home in on you with terrifying accuracy and deals tremendous damage if it hits you. Once you've done enough damage to the Cerberus, the battle and chapter will come to a close without reaching a real conclusion.

Chapter 3

Rewards Available - Iron Pinwheel (M) - Timesand - Chest of Fortune (S)

Enemies - Illecebra (Sorceress)

This fight is virtually identical to your previous battle against Illecebra but this time you will find her much more aggressive. Keep your wits about you and between you and your partner she will fall in no time

Chapter 4

Rewards Available - Thunder Bulb (S) - Barrier Chain - Storm Giant King's Arm

Enemies - Cerberus (Archfiend)

The finale for this act finds you once again fighting the Cerberus and it's time to end it once and for all. As the battle begins you will be pointed to a wounded sorcerer nearby named Remtor. Save him to gain a third ally for this fight and to call on him in Avalon Pacts or sacrifice him to gain a big damage advantage against the Archfiend. This battle is no different from your first encounter with the Cerberus so utilize the same tactics and this time it will fall. Choose to save the soul in the monster to gain Lorfram as an ally for Avalon Pacts.

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