Soul Sacrifice

Things get ever more curious and difficult as you progress through the journal. Use this page as a reference to prepare for what's ahead or see what's worth grinding when you find yourself stuck.

Mad Chronicle: Destinies Past

Expect Soul Sacrifice to start pulling punches less and less the deeper you get into the story. Throughout this act, you will almost exclusively facing off against Archfiends.

Don't be afraid to go back and collect more essences in earlier chapters if you hit a wall and find yourself having a hard time progressing. This may also be a good time to complete a few Avalon Pacts should you want a change of scenery.

Chapter 1

Rewards Available

  • Wild Dog Maw
  • Miserly Coinpurse (S)
  • Stonefiend Entrails


  • Cyclops (Archfiend)

You know things are getting real when you kick off with a fight against a new Archfiend! Continuing the trend of increasing difficulty, the Cyclops can quickly crush you before you realize what's happening unless you are prepared. Like slimes, Cyclopes have no elemental weaknesses. This means you can bring along your best offerings and not have to worry about minimal damage.

Make sure to bring at least a couple of throwing or explosive offerings, as the Cyclops' cursed parts spend a majority of the time well out of reach. Unlike most other Archfiend fights, the monsters that show up as you fight are harmless Kobolds which allows you to focus on avoiding attacks without the fear of being hit by an enemy off screen.

Watch carefully for the Cyclops to attack as well, as many of the attacks begin with a very similar animation and if you aren't paying close enough attention it's easy to react incorrectly. The attacks to watch for when fighting a Cyclops are;

  • Ground Strike. If you stick close to the Cyclops, you will become very familiar with this attack. The Archfiend will raise its staff up in the air slightly then slam the tip into the ground, creating a shock wave that will unbalance you and lock you in place for several seconds. Just rolling out of the way whenever you see the staff lifted will allow you to dodge this attack easily.
  • Sweep. Another attack melee Attackers will see often, the Cyclops swings its staff in a huge 180 degree arc in front of it. As its health drops it will begin swinging the staff back and forth multiple times.
  • Belly flop. The Cyclops will stand up straight with its arms in the air then.... Fall face first on the ground. This attack does massive damage should you get hit but is very easy to avoid and it leaves both the Cyclops' cursed parts vulnerable for several seconds.
  • Dive. This attack is very similar to the belly flop but is used if you are keeping your distance. The Archfiend will pull its staff arm back as if to throw it like a javelin but when it throws the staff, it comes along with it. Just like the belly flop, this attack is easy to avoid and gives you ample time to hack away at the Archfiend and its cursed parts.
  • Tunnel. It's easy to mistake the beginning of this attack for the ground strike and dodging is the proper response. The Cyclops will strike the ground multiple times with its staff and gouge out earth, completely burrowing itself. While underground, you can see where it is from the raised dirt that will be traveling toward you at very high speeds. Once it reaches you, the top of the staff will burst from the ground doing moderate damage and knocking you down. This is one of the most difficult attacks to avoid because the Cyclops will follow you and anticipate your dodges. The best way to avoid damage is to dodge in different directions to prevent the Cyclops from guessing where you will be. Should you feel confident, there is a small window of opportunity to damage the staff before it gets pulled back underground.
  • Forge. When it gets lower on health, the Cyclops will resort to strengthening its weapon. It will drop to its knees and begin striking its staff with a ghostly hammer. While it will not attack you directly during this time, getting too close to the hammer will still knock you back and cause damage. Use this time to get a few extra hits on the Cyclops then be ready to run! When the staff is forged, it will glow red with power for a short time and allows the Cyclops to use one of its most powerful attacks.
  • Lasers. With a forged staff, the Cyclops is able to unleash powerful lasers from the eye. The most common is a beam that sweeps the ground in front of it. Because of the narrow area it hits, this laser is not too difficult to avoid. As it gets even lower on health, the Cyclops will begin firing the laser 360 degrees, making it very difficult to avoid. The laser attacks can also be used while the Archfiend is burrowed so when the staff is glowing, always be prepared to get out of the way!
  • Spin. The Cyclops' most devastating attack is thankfully the most uncommon. It will lay on its side and curl around its staff as if it had a bad case of food poisoning. Do not be fooled into thinking that it is stunned! The spines on its back will stretch out and it will begin spinning around on the ground, creating a horrific ball of pain. The Archfiend is also mobile while using this attack and will often track and chse you down! Fortunately this attack does not last long (though it can seem like an eternity) so if you start running when you see the Cyclops lay down you should have no trouble staying out of the attack range.

Chapter 2

Rewards Available

  • Swordsman Icebrand
  • Snowtuft (S)
  • Battle Axe Edge


  • Avaricious Slime (Archfiend)

Different name, same slime. The same strategies as before work just as well on this Archfiend. The major difference is that the Avaricious Slime has far more health and tends to be much more aggressive. Like other Archfiend fights, monsters constantly spawn to provide you with healing and offering recharge.

The kicker here is that the monsters that spawn are the airborne Ghouls who can and will attack you while above your field of vision, making it much harder to avoid their attacks. When the stage begins there is a wounded sorcerer on the ground with a marker pointing you to their location.

You can choose save them, giving you Oris as an ally for this fight and Avalon Pacts. You can also opt to sacrifice the poor sorcerer after the fight begins to give yourself a big head start on damage. Regardless of whether you choose to save or sacrifice the Archfiend the story is the same and there is no ally to be gained for saving it.

Chapter 3

Rewards Available

  • Healing Seed (M)
  • Timesand
  • Chest of Fortune (S)


  • Illecebra (Sorcerer)

If you followed the story written in the journal, odds are you knew this fight was coming. Illecebra fights very similarly to Sortiara did by teleporting around the area. She will use both heat and frost attacks and is fond of using the fire root and ice root offerings. If you stay at a distance, she will also not hesitate to lob firedrake eggs. Don't let up and before you know it you will have won. Illecebra does not actually fall and will continue to attack but you will know you have won when you see the quest complete text flash across the screen.

Chapter 4

Rewards Available

  • Gluttonous Fruit (S)
  • Venom Blanket (S)
  • Irondrake Fang (M)


  • Rancid Egg Spider x4
  • Orc x2
  • Blazing Goblin x2

The battle area is unique in that it is made up of several unconnected platforms. At the edges are small wind vortexes that will launch you between the platforms when you step into them. When you first begin the stage, you will see a wounded sorcerer on the platform farthest from you. Save him to gain Adjem as an ally for Avalon Pacts and the rest of this stage or sacrifice him to wipe out any nearby monsters.

Chapter 5


  • Thunderdrake Egg (S)
  • Thunder Bulb (S)
  • Stormfiend Entrails


  • Carnivorous Slime

The partner or the previous slime both in life and in this form, the difficulty of this fight comes from the area. By now you are familiar with the tactics for fighting a Slime Archfiend but the difficulty is ramped up by the fact that the area in which you fight this one is essentially a narrow corridor. There are no pillars or obstacles to hide behind and there is very little room to maneuver around the Archfiend. Stay on offense as much as you can and look to end the fight as fast as possible. Once it falls, choosing to save the Archfiend results in Erenia becoming an ally.

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