Soul Sacrifice

The second act of Soul Sacrifice is where things really start to get interesting. Throughout these five chapters you will be paired with Magusar of all people! You will also be introduced to a new, powerful Archfiend.

Mad Chronicle: Several Years Later

Now that you've gotten the hang of the basics from the first act it's time to get into the meat of the story. The basic monsters you fought before will start showing up with slightly different names and elemental weaknesses and the Archfiends will become much stronger. The important thing to remember is that you can always go back and replay a previous chapter for more exp or to gather more offerings for boosting and fusing.

Throughout these chapters you will start to get a feel for what kinds of offerings you want to bring and you will need to learn and love the elemental wheel. Throughout the chapters in this act you will be partnered with Magusar, who you are already aware is a powerful sorcerer.

Chapter 1

Rewards Available

  • Lava Pot Lid (S)
  • Giant's Arm
  • Boulderbug Shell (S)


  • Goblin x4
  • Miserly Goblin x4

This will be the first chapter that you will encounter variant enemies. Once you've cleared out the normal goblins, the miserly goblins will spawn. These yellow-skinned versions are vulnerable to venom element attacks. At this early point in the game, the only venom element offering available to you is getting the Divine Sorcerer ranking in the first chapter of The Wicked Sorcerer, the first act of Fellow Sorcerers.

Chapter 2

Rewards Available

  • Cremation Clod
  • Fire Giant's Arm
  • Mudfiend Entrails
  • Slime Ooze (S) (Cursed Part destruction bonus)


  • Carnivorous Slime (Archfiend)

Another Archfiend already? Continuing the trend of ramping up the difficulty with each new type of Archfiend, slimes can very well be your worst nightmare. They are one of the few Archfiends you will fight that have no actual elemental weakness. While this means you don't have to worry about ineffective attacks, it also means that fighting them can drag on for what seems like an eternity. Targeting and destroying their cursed parts is integral to battling them. Slimes have the following attacks;

  • Flesh Rain. Slimes almost constantly spew large globs of flesh from their mass in all directions. These globs deal a moderate amount of damage and can land a good distance away, making approaching a slime risky. Fortunately, the globs are easy enough to roll and dodge while approaching the slime
  • Stomp. If you engage a slime in melee combat, it will occasionally stomp the ground with its large feet, causing damage. There is a lengthy wind up before the attack starts so there is plenty of time to move out of the way
  • Tentacle Sweep. The slime will stretch out one of it's protrusions into a large tentacle and sweep the ground in front of it, knocking over anyone hit. This attack will also pick up any monsters that have spawned and if it does, the slime will actually consume the monster, healing itself some and recharging its flesh rain.
  • Leap. The slime will leap high into the air toward its target and land quite heavily, crushing anyone caught under it. As it travels through the air, the slime casts a shadow on the ground, making this attack very easy to avoid as long as you are watching for it.

There are several cursed parts that are well worth targeting during the fight. Using your mind's eye will reveal that both of the larger legs, the slime's mouth and the left tentacle that is used for its sweeping attack are all cursed parts. Destroying either of the legs will cause the slime to fall to the ground, completely immobilising it for serveral precious seconds. When this happens, move to the other side of it and make sure that your followup attacks are targeting the other leg.

If you can do enough damage quickly enough, you can weaken if not destroy the other leg, keeping the slime locked down. Choosing to save the sorcerer trapped within the Archfiend will allow Arth to join you as an ally.

Chapter 3

Rewards Available

  • Gravelshield Fragment
  • Falcon Feather (S)
  • Thunderdrake Egg (S)


  • Gravespike Goblin x3
  • Goblin x3
  • Blazing Goblin x3

This chapter is likely to be largest map you've seen so far. The first open area introduces you to Gravespike Goblins. After killing them, head down the path to the right of where you begin to find the rest of the monsters.

Additional Rewards

  • Ability to set Magusar as an ally.

Chapter 4

Rewards Available

  • Irondrake Egg (S)
  • Swordsman Sapling
  • Leafdrake Egg (S)


  • Orc x2
  • Poison Ivy Orc x6

The poison ivy orcs don't spawn until the first two orcs are dead but be careful, as all six can spawn together and if you and Magusar get separated, they can easily grow out of control.

Chapter 5

Rewards Available

  • Healing Bloom (S)
  • Timesand
  • Mudfiend Entrails
  • Cottonmaid's Wings (S) (Cursed Part destruction bonus)


  • Elven Queen (Archfiend)

Up until this point, Archfiends could be taken care of more or less by walking up to them, hitting them and moving out of the way when they begin an attack. The Elven Queen throws all those rules out the window. Not only will she constantly dash backwards out or melee range, but she surrounds herself with a shield that can damage you if you get too close.

There are two ways to approach this fight. The first is to bring along a couple of strong melee attacks and load up on healing or you can alternately stock yourself with as many ranged offerings as you can handle and fight her at a distance. The Elven Queen is weak to flame element and is fairly easily locked into an Infernal Hell stun. The less she is able to move, the better off you will be in this fight. The attacks you will see from the Elven Queen are;

  • Feather Shot. The Elven Queen will swing her arm across her body twice, each time sending a stream of feather-like projectiles to where you were (hopefully) just standing.
  • Dandelion Shield. For most of the fight, the Archfiend will surround herself with a spinning shield of mutated dandelions. Getting close to her means risking being struck by them.
  • Dandelion Children. The Elven Queen will sometimes send the dandelions from her shield out to track you down and detonate. You will have to dodge up to a few times to get them off your trail.
  • Dandelion Bomb. While surrounded by her shield, the Elven Queen's mutant dandelions will appear in the air and drop to the ground, causing an explosion and knocking you back.
  • Whirlwind. Easily the most frustrating of the Archfiend's basic attacks, she will telegraph the attack for a couple of seconds before sending out several large Whirlwinds. These vortexes will track and follow you for several seconds and to any distance so as soon as you see the Elven Queen preparing this attack, run! Getting hit will launch you high in the air and deal a massive amount of damage so it is important to avoid them at all costs!
  • Frenzy. Should you destroy any of the Elven Queen's cursed parts, she will fall to the ground in pain for a few seconds. After she recovers, her skin will turn bright red and she will let out and enraged scream and begin to chase you. If she gets close enough, she will drop down to your height and begin scratching wildly at the air. This attack cannot be outrun and she will chase you endlessly so dodging is your best survival tool. It may seem like a terrible idea, but the best direction to dodge this attack is directly toward the Elven Queen! Her momentum will carry her past you and give you a few moments to orient yourself. Each part you destroy causes her frenzy to last longer so beware!

Choosing to save the Sorceress inside the Archfiend gives you access to Anrakh as an ally. After all the rewards have been given out, you will unlock the second Fellow Sorcerers act and the next story act, Destinies Past.

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