Soul Sacrifice

Soul Sacrifice does a great job introducing you to the basics, but there's even once you start digging. Here's a list of some tips and tricks you may not have caught the first time around.

While the instruction manual and the tutorial sections may tell you all the basics of Soul Sacrifice, there are still a few tricks to properly navigating the journal.


At the end of every Quest or Pact you will be ranked on your performance. Just about everything you do during the stage will earn you an accomplishment with a fixed point total. Once all your stage accomplishments have been awarded, you will see your total score and ranking.

The better your rank, the more offerings you get. In fact, the third offering in any given chapter can only be obtained by earning the Divine Sorcerer rank which requires a score of at least 290. This may seem daunting but once you get the hang of the scoring system it'll become second nature. There are 28 different awards that you can earn but not all of them can be earned in one run, some of them are scaling awards.

The possible awards and their points values are listed below for reference. Note that for awards that refer to your health and damage taken, doing damage to yourself with blood magic will not count against you.

  • First Attack: Cause damage to an enemy before you take any damage. +20
  • Skillful Attack: Lock an enemy into a "Hell" state and follow up with the correct elemental attack. (frozen/volt, infernal/frost, venomous/heat, petrified/venom, shocking/stone) +60
  • Black Rite: Activate a Black Rite during the stage. +80
  • To be Sacrificed: Allow yourself to be sacrificed. +80
  • Mind's Eye: Activate your Mind's Eye during a stage. +10
  • Mass Sacrifice: Sacrifice 3 or more enemies in short amount of time. +10
  • Sacrificial Madness: Sacrifice 5 or more enemies in one stage. +20
  • Archfiend Sacrifice: Choose to sacrifice a defeated Archfiend at the end of a boss stage +30
  • Attack Cursed Part: Cause a direct hit on any one of an Archfiend's weak points for this award. +30
  • Destroyed Cursed Part: Attack an Archfiend's weak point until it is destroyed and the Archfiend is stunned. +50
  • Destroyed All Cursed Parts: Destroy every weak point on an Archfiend in one battle. +70
  • Ally Sacrifice: Choose to sacrifice a wounded ally in battle. +30
  • Infernal Hell: A "Hell" state is when an enemy has taken enough damage from a given element to be stunned. Inflict this state with heat damage for this award. +10
  • Frozen Hell: Inflict a Hell state frost damage for this award. +10
  • Shocking Hell: Inflict a Hell state volt damage for this award. +10
  • Venomous Hell: Inflict a Hell state venom damage for this award. +10
  • Petrified Hell: Inflict a Hell state stone damage for this award. +10
  • Unscathed: Take no damage during a stage. +150
  • Nearly Unscathed: Take some damage but less than 10% of your total health during a stage. +100
  • Light Injuries: Lose more than 10% but less than 50% of your total health during a stage.+80
  • Godspeed Quest: Complete a stage within a set amount of time. The time for this rank varies by stage. +100
  • Rapid Quest: Complete a stage within a set amount of time. The time for this rank varies by stage. +80
  • Quick Quest: Complete a stage within a set amount of time. The time for this rank varies by stage. +50
  • Vulnerability: Hit any enemy at least once with an elemental attack that they are vulnerable to during a stage. +40
  • Counter: Counter at least one enemy attack during a stage. +30
  • Many Counters: Counter at least 3 enemy attacks in one stage. +30
  • Counter Madness: Counter 5 or more attacks in one stage. +50
  • Archfiend Vulnerability: Cause damage with an element that an Archfiend is vulnerable to +50

Tips on Offerings

  • Don't be afraid to experiment! Offerings are very easy to come by and once you've cleared several chapters, a little farming will get you just about anything you need. Don't hesitate to boost or fuse your offerings together, you might find that the new offering fits even better than before.

  • Break those parts. Destroying a cursed part (weak point) on an Archfiend will not only award you with bonus points and temporarily stun them, it also rewards you with a unique offering! These are often a higher tier than you currently have and may even be a new type of offering that you may not otherwise encounter until later in the story.

  • Know your types. Every offering fits in one of several different types. Make sure that you keep a good mix of ranged, light and heavy offerings set and at least one recovery offering.

  • It's elementary! Attacking an enemy with an element they are vulnerable to will start a chain. You will see the element start to stick to them, such as small chunks of ice or lingering flames. If you continue to deal the elemental damage, the enemy will eventually be locked into an "elemental hell". This will stun them for several seconds, allowing you to continue attacking without fear of reprisal and to target any cursed parts on an Archfiend.

Other Tips and Tricks

  • Make the Grade. The rewards you receive at the end of a Phantom Quest are determined by how well you rank. Just about every action you take contributes to your score, from killing enemies quickly to taking as little damage as possible, even just using your Mind's Eye during a quest will give you a handful of points! Unlike many other action games, there are no collectibles scattered around the quests. This gives you the freedom to cut through monsters with reckless abandon as quickly as possible to secure yourself a good ranking.

  • Nothing is set in stone. One of the great things about reliving the past through Librom is that you can relive them as many times as you want. You can replay any previously completed stage simply by turning to that page in Librom. This allows you to either grind souls to gain extra levels if you are having a hard time with a stage or try for a higher bonus for more offerings. You can also replay boss stages and choose whether to save or sacrifice them that time. If you do this, the game will prompt you if you want to overwrite your previous decision, thereby changing what allies you can call upon. If you choose not to re-write your previous decision, you will still keep any levels or offerings gained.

  • Practice makes perfect. You are encouraged to try out all sorts of combinations of offerings and sigils. In fact, Librom has a special arena set up with constantly spawning Goblins for just such use! This is especially useful early in the game when you will be getting new offerings very frequently so you can test out what kinds of offensive and defensive offerings work best for you.

  • Use the environment. Your Mind's Eye will reveal countless objects scattered around in the past that you can use to your advantage. Look for areas with white lines rising up from the ground to find special temporary offerings. This is especially useful during longer fights when you want to avoid breaking the offerings you brought into battle with you. Sometimes these even contain offerings that will sheathe you in armor, providing extra defense without taking up an offering spot! In addition, keep your Mind's Eye peeled for locations you can use to recharge your offerings mid-battle.

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