Soul Sacrifice

While the first 6 chapters of Soul Sacrifice effectively serve as a tutorial, it never helps to have a quick summary ready at your fingertips.

Mad Chronicle: The Sorcerer's Ordeal

The Mad Chronicle is Soul Sacrifice's main campaign and story. It is broken up into acts, which are comprised of several individual stages or "Phantom Quests". The Phantom Quest stages typically take place in a moderately-sized area where you will be tasked with slaying every monster you can find.

Once you select the Phantom Quest from Librom you will be given a chance to change out your equipped offerings and given a small list of the possible offerings you can be awarded based on your final score. Beat the stage quickly and efficiently to get larger bonuses and more offerings.

This first section will cover the 6 chapters of what serves as the tutorial act, "The Sorcerer's Ordeal". Under each chapter heading below you will find the offering rewards list, the enemy count for the area and what (if any) additional rewards you will receive the first time you complete the Phantom Quest.

Chapter 1

Rewards Available

  • Healing Seed (S)
  • Axe Edge
  • Swordsman Icebrand


  • Goblin x5

Secondary Rewards

  • Access to Portraiture Page
  • Ability to assign Offerings
  • Postscript Page

Chapter 2

Rewards Available

  • Ice Carving Lid (S)
  • Grave Clod (S)
  • Boulderbug Shell (S)


  • Orc x3
  • Goblin x3

Secondary Rewards

  • Access to the Lore section of the journal

Chapter 3

Rewards Available

  • Iron Pinwheel (S)
  • Firetree Root
  • Firetree Root (Tri)


  • Jack-O-Lantern (Archfiend)

Jack-O-Lantern will be your first Archfiend. These large monsters were once sorcerers who have fallen victim to a corrupting force and have been mutated into monstrosities.

This one in particular uses very powerful attacks but telegraphs them enough that they are easy to dodge. During Archfiend stages, you will also find that due to the massive amount of power they possess, Goblins and other monsters will continually spawn once you've engaged the Archfiend.

These enemies make great sacrifices should you need to recharge your offerings during the battle. Depending on where you or your ally are, Jack-O-Lantern will use a few different attacks;

  • Strike. The Archfiend will strike at you with its limbs. Simply move a short distance back to avoid
  • Sweeping Strike. Jack-O-Lantern will take two steps forward, swinging its arms in a large arc and leaving trails of flame.
  • Fiery Boulder. It will roll up into a large ball of flame and charge at you multiple times. You will have a couple of seconds to get clear while it transforms. Be careful, as getting hit will knock you down and make you vulnerable to followup attacks.
  • Shoulder Charge. This attack is very similar to the firey boulder but has a much faster startup time and the Archfiend will only charge at you a single time
  • Nova. The Archfiend will stand in place and begin to heave as if breathing heavily. This is not a sign that it's been stunned, it's a warning to get out! After several seconds it will unleash a huge wave of fire in all directions, causing heavy damage and knocking you down if you get hit.
  • Fire Root. The most uncommon of the Archfiend's attacks, it will strike the ground and send a wave of fire directly toward you along the ground. Jack-O-Lantern typically will only use this attack once you've destroyed one or more of its cursed parts.

As his flaming visage would imply, this Archfiend is vulnerable to frost element attacks. A good strategy when you first fight Jack-O-Lantern is to lure him back near the beginning of the stage. There is a stone pillar in the center of this area that can make a big difference when trying to avoid its charging attacks. Once you've finished it off the monster will melt away, revealing the poor soul trapped within.

You can then make the choice to either sacrifice or save them as any other monsters, albeit for significantly more experience. If you choose to safe the man trapped within, you will gain access to Endeir as an ally in the future. You can also earn a bonus offering during this and most other Archfiend battles by destroying their cursed parts, weak points revealed by your Mind's Eye.

Additional Rewards

  • The ability to boost your offerings

Chapter 4

Rewards Available

  • Healing Seed (S)
  • Irondrake Egg (S)
  • Imp Pitchfork


  • Orc x2
  • Ghoul x3

Additional Rewards

  • Access to Black Rites and the first Black Rite, Infernus.

Chapter 5


  • Iron Pinwheel (S)
  • Mole Claw (S)
  • Bolt Burial Clod (S)


  • Harpy (Archfiend)

It's very likely that The Harpy will pose the first real threat to your well-being. She has a variety of different attacks and can take to the air like Ghouls, but she isn't knocked down nearly as easily. The Harpy is vulnerable to fire element offerings, so bring a few with you, especially if you have any ranged attacks with the fire element.

It is much faster than the Jack-O-Lantern as well, so you will need to be ready to start running and dodging at a moment's notice. The attacks you will see from the Harpy are;

  • Vaccuum. She will lean forward and extend her neck to suck up anything and everything not nailed down. Hopefully you notice this early enough to start running because it will suck you in from anywhere except directly behind the Archfiend! If you get sucked up into the creature's maw, prepare to take damage as you are chewed on then spit out in a less-than-glorious fashion.
  • Peck. Likely the attack you will see most frequently, the Harpy will either strike the ground with her head once in front of her to hit you, or will run a short distance, striking the ground several times. She will also use this attack from the air.
  • Tantrum. The harpy will begin turning in a circle, stomping the ground with her wings and feet. This attack is very short ranged and you can get usually get to safety with just one roll.
  • Diving Attacks. When The Harpy takes to the air, keep a close eye on her and be ready to dodge as she will make several sweeps across the area, diving down low to rake at you with her talons.
  • Whirlwind. The last attack that comes from the air is also the rarest. The Harpy will summon a large whirlwind that will sweep across the battlefield, taking a chunk of health and knocking you down if it hits you. Like the previous Archfiend, this attack typically starts appearing after one or more cursed parts are destroyed.

Your best strategy is to stay behind the Archfiend as frequently as possible. This will give you plenty of time to react to any of the harpy's attacks and keep you safe from the vaccuum attack. Keep pelting the Archfiend with fire attacks, even in the air if possible to lock it into Infernal Hell, stunning it for several seconds. Many of the Harpy's attacks and rest states will allow you to reach the wings. Take at least one off to ground the Archfiend, saving yourself the trouble of dodging her aerial attacks and earning you the Noblewoman's Curio (S) offering. Saving the sorceress will result in Bren becoming an ally.

Chapter 6


  • Regenesis Seed (S)
  • Monsternip (S)
  • Stone Axe Edge


  • Sortiara (Sorcerer)

This is your first fight against a fellow Sorcerer and it almost makes the Harpy battle look easy. Sortiara will use all of the same offerings you've seen her use against the enemies throughout the act. Only this time, she's shooting them at you.

Stay on the move and utilize homing attacks like firetree root to wear her down. If you can get in close, the fast combo attacks of the sword offerings will stun her and allow you to hit multiple times and really rack up the damage. Once you've neutralized her, you will be given the usual choice to sacrifice or save Sortiara. Unfortunately, the Sorcerer's Ordeal makes the rules quite clear. If you choose to try and save Sortiara, you will receive the appropriate soul and exp toward your life level but Sortiara's health will also be partially restored and she will begin attacking you once more. She will only yield exp and a soul once but the chapter cannot end until the Ordeal is completed and you have sacrificed your partner's life.

The first time you complete the chapter, you will also be rewarded with your first Martyr Reward. These bonus offerings are earned when you or an ally is sacrificed during a chapter or when you activate a Black Rite.

Finishing this chapter unlocks the sigil system and Avalon as well as a large chunk of sigils to carve into your arm right away. With the first act completed, sit back and enjoy a few more pages of story. This is where things start to get really interesting.

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