Over the years, the Saints Row games have done a great job breaking apart from the usual Grand Theft Auto norm, fueled by a profane yet worthwhile sense of humor and tons of activities that stand out from the norm, whether you're flying an alien cruiser through space to the tune of "What Is Love" (while naked, of course) or jamming around with Professor Genki in a customized truck with a habit of launching people from a cannon.

For its latest effort, Gat Out of Hell, Deep Silver sticks with a similar format, this time placing main characters Johnny Gat and Kinzie in the fiery underworld, in the hopes of rescuing one of their own from the clutches of Satan. Throughout this little side chapter, you'll tackle a number of interesting missions, from helping a corpse settle an eternal damnation claim with destruction to unleashing havoc in a monster truck – fueled by fire, of course.

Here are some beginner's tips that will help you get started on the trip to Hell.

Using the Overhead Map

When you're trying to locate new missions to complete in the realm of Hell, be sure to check both your map and quests, which can be found in the main menu. Quests usually indicate which characters need things from you, like William Shakespeare or the sassy twins, making their return from Saints Row the Third. Complete enough stuff for them and you'll eventually earn their loyalty, which, in return, will give you even more stuff to do in Hell down the road.

The start of the game will task you with who to visit first, and you can always place a marker on the map to your location, so you won't get lost. Still, if you find stuff to do along the way, like shooting at monster truck-riding demons or finding glyphs that can improve your characters' abilities, go for it. There's no time limit with most of these objectives, and these folks will still be waiting for you without penalty. It pays to explore in a game like this.

Also, you can mostly do tasks in any order, so make sure to scroll the list and see what's all available. This is useful in case you're stuck on something, or want something off-the-wall to do, instead of a routine rescue mission. Eventually, you'll need to get through them all to complete the game, but it's helpful being able to do it in preferred order.

A Meeting With the Big Guy

Creating a stir in Gat Out of Hell isn't just encouraged – it's actually necessary. As you create more and more chaos by completing missions and getting in trouble with the local law enforcement, a meter will fill up. This meter, once completed, will eventually give you an audience with Satan, which will no doubt be an interesting encounter.

The great thing about this meter is that you can go about filling it however you see fit, although sticking with missions and quests is probably the best way to go when it comes to getting it to completion. Keep an eye on your Quests list, along with side activities that'll certainly bump up attention. Either way, you've got a dance with the devil coming – and he definitely isn't fond of the two-step.

Get Around With Flight

Traversing through the world of Hell is rather easy, thanks to the added new ability of flight. Either Johnny Gat or Kinzie can sprout wings that enable them to swoop through the air. This is a great way to no only get a "lay of the land" and see what's around, but it's also quick.

When it comes to flying, it's important to know you can't do it full-time. A flight meter shows just how much room you have when it comes to flapping around, so make sure you aren't any over lava pits that stretch for miles. It may seem like a shortcut, but you'll eventually crash and have to warp back to your starting point.

Also, don't forget to swoop and flap. Keeping consistency while you're in the air will prevent you from taking a nasty header, so master the ability of diving and picking back up in the air (think Batman: Arkham City, but a slight bit different). Don't flap like crazy, either – save them for in-between moments of your flight, when you're close enough to a platform and want to make sure you reach it.

Flight isn't the only way to get around in Gat Out of Hell. You have inferno running speed, which enables you to traverse on foot rather fast. This is a terrific ability to use when it comes to getting out of over-loaded situations (like when you're surrounded by enemies) or if you feel like creating tremors in traffic.

You can also steal vehicles if you prefer, but stick with the smaller ones. While the monster trucks may be tempting, they're a little sluggish with their handling, which could result in more crashes than necessary. Your best bet is the motorcycle, which isn't just speedy, but also handles with great precision – and still lets you run over citizens without batting an eye.

Tomorrow, we'll cover the more advanced tips in the game, including your secondary abilities and other techniques to help you unleash Hell.

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell is available now for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.