Resident Evil 6

Sticky Situation guides were written to assist you in completing the tougher parts of Resident Evil 6. This Secret Campaign, Ada Wong's campaign, unlocks after beating the other three campaigns.

All of the Sticky Situation guides were written while playing single-player on normal difficulty and playing as the character the individual campaigns were named after (Leon for Leon campaign, etc...). The skills that were used to complete the game were Firearm, Defense, and Item Drop Increase. Focus on getting these skills over any others.

General Tips:

-Don't take your hands off of the controller; Quick-Time Events (QTEs for short) happen constantly. -Conserve ammo by getting headshots and getting good at melee attacks for lesser enemies; melee is going to be your best friend throughout all campaigns. -Learn how to jump dodge (aim + any direction + X––or A on the 360) and learn it well. This is one skill that is invaluable for the entirety of the game.

Chapter 1 – Submarine

This is A Sneaking Mission

I have a quick note to add about the first chapter of Ada's campaign: Don't get caught until you reach a point where you don't have a choice! Watch the J'Avo's route and then sneak up behind them for a stealth kill. Getting caught will result in an alarm being flipped and all sorts of wonderful J'Avo gentlemen showing up to court Ms. death! Seriously, it's a waste of time and ammo, so avoid getting caught at all costs.

Oh! And keep in mind that your crossbow's basic bolts do not make noise like your handgun, so if you've gotta kill someone at a distance without being detected, that's your best bet. And switching camera angles by clicking the right thumb-stick will help you see around corners, so you can watch J'Avo make their rounds and strike when the moment is right. One more thing: avoid busting doors open by pushing X or A more than once. Push it once and the door will open slowly and quietly.

Go get 'em you sneaky such-and-such, you!

Chapter 1 – The Spinning Panel Puzzle

Ada is right, Simmons doesn't have taste. This puzzle is a pain in the ass, even if you already know the answer, because it can be hard to make out what's on the panels, but don't worry, we're in this together, my good chum.

To start, you have to attempt to open the door before you can even begin the puzzle, so go do that now. Now, go around the corner and examine the finely adorned wall to your left. It has a peephole, but Ada will note that the point of the peephole's focus is blocked. Head back around the corner and examine the mounted animal head to adjust its horns. Gasp! It's a ram! That's ominous.

Head back to the adorned wall and look through again. This time you'll be able to see the picture that is hanging from the wall, but wait, what's this? The picture has changed into an animal! There are several different answers to this puzzle depending on what the picture becomes. Whatever animal appears after the picture fully changes is what you want the picture on the panel next to the door representing. There are four stands with panels on them in the four corners of the room. Go to each of them and flip the panels until a piece of the animal that the painting displayed is visible (fish, snake, etc...). Once you think you've flipped all the panels to their proper positions, head back and hit the button on the panel next to the door. If you've done everything correctly, the door will open. If you've made a mistake, poor Ada will be zapped with electricity; you monster!

If you're having trouble figuring out where you went wrong, take a look at the picture on the panel next to the door and see which pieces don't fit with the others. Locate the proper panel for that piece and start rotating it.

PUZZLE: Chapter 2 – Tomb Puzzles

There is the right way and there is the Wong way

The quest for all three pieces of the Simmons Family Crest can be a toughie if you don't know what you're doing. Follow my instructions and you'll be out this tomb in a jiffy.

After dropping into the tomb, head into the room housing the platform with the hangman's noose above it. Kill the zombie and head to the switch on the other side of the room. Push it directly underneath the only corpse hanging from the ceiling that you are able to and shoot the clasp above the corpse's head to drop him onto the switch. Now jump down the hole underneath the noose.

In this next room you'll find two electric chairs, three panels and a chest. Open the chest to get the Simmons Family Crest piece and then push the chairs onto the panels. After pushing each chair onto the panels, they will become electrified and a zombie will fall from the ceiling. Lead the zombie in front of the last remaining panel and melee it toward the panel to complete the connection and open the door.

Climb up the ladder and grab the lever to the left to open the gate and start the final Crest puzzle. DO NOT JUMP INTO THE ROOM. The platform collapses when too much weight is added to it. Instead, pull out your crossbow and shoot the zombies in the chest to stick them to the wall, removing their weight from the platform. When all three are pinned, jump over to the chest, take the last Simmons Family Crest piece and head out of the tomb.

BOSS: Chapter 4 – Carla – Aircraft Carrier

The Wong Ada

This is hardly a boss fight; most if it is spent running from a very...goopy Carla. At the end of the confrontation, Carla will block your path by being a giant face monster...thingy—I really don't know what to say about her, the whole fight is just gross. Anyways, just keep shooting in one particular spot to bust a hole through Carla. Behind her is a set of hydrogen tanks. Shoot them as soon as you have a clear shot in order to freeze Carla and finish the fight. If you are struggling to shoot the tanks before Carla regenerates, try shooting her with your crossbow. If you can target the tanks before she completely regenerates, you can still fire your crossbow, because your bolt will pass through her...slimy form and hit the tank.

BOSS: Chapter 5 – T-Rex Simmons – Umbrella Building

Life finds a way

T-Rex Simmons is also pretty straight forward, but if you don't know what you're doing you can waste a ton of time. There is a panel of bone on his back just above his tail. Unload on that one spot with every bit of fury you can muster. Eventually, the bone panel will break, exposing a patch of eyeballs and flesh; this is Simmons' weak spot. Shoot a missile into it and then continue firing your normal gun on it. It shouldn't take very long for him to turn back into a human. If you take too long to damage him or he transforms back from a human to a T-Rex, the bone panel will regenerate. Repeat the process about 5-6 times and he'll be down for good. A quick word of advice: Only use your missiles on his weak spot and only use one per panel regeneration. If you run out of missiles, the fight becomes a lot longer, and who wants that, right?

After finishing T-Rex Simmons, you'll move onto fight Dog Simmons again, which is pretty much the same fight as the one you did while playing as Leon and Helena.

Finish Dog Simmons off and you throw yourself a party, 'cause you just finished Resident Evil 6.

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