Resident Evil 6

Sticky Situation guides were written to assist you in completing the tougher parts of Resident Evil 6.

All of the Sticky Situation guides were written while playing single-player on normal difficulty and playing as the character the individual campaigns were named after (Leon for Leon campaign, etc...). The skills that were used to complete the game were Firearm, Defense, and Item Drop Increase. Focus on getting these skills over any others.

General Tips:

-Don't take your hands off of the controller; Quick-Time Events (QTEs for short) happen constantly. -Conserve ammo by getting headshots and getting good at melee attacks for lesser enemies; melee is going to be your best friend throughout all campaigns. -Learn how to jump dodge (aim + any direction + X––or A on the 360) and learn it well. This is one skill that is invaluable for the entirety of the game.

PUZZLE: Chapter 2 – Cathedral Secret Passage

Material Girl Head to the alter at the end of the cathedral and investigate it. Helena mentions that there were stairs there before, but now the passage is closed. Head to the right-hand side of the alter and pick up the Madonna of Happiness. Then boost Helena up the broken ladder right next to where the Madonna of Happiness was standing. Helena will lower a ladder for you, climb the ladder, take an immediate right and then open the second door on your left and you will find the Madonna of Charity inside of a box. Head back out the door and take an immediate right to the alter at the end of the path; that's where you will place the the first Madonna. Once placed, Helena will run to the other end of the 2nd floor to place the second Madonna at the same time in order to open a door just below the alter you're standing in front of on the first floor.

Once inside the door, you will flip a switch and begin the Statue Puzzle which will separate you from your partner. The wall with the blue-flamed torches will flip to reveal a statue that is holding a crossbow. Immediately run to the base of the statue and hit the switch in order to flip it back around. If you wait too long, the statue will fire its crossbow attempting to hit you. Once both you and Helena hit the statues' switches, a door will open to reveal an even bigger Statue Puzzle with more statues than before. Make sure to stand at an angle that will allow you to see the greatest number of statues and keep scanning the room to be ready for a statue's appearance.

When you see one, sprint and hit the switch, same as before; try not to run straight towards the statue once its laser it pointed at you, otherwise you'll almost guarantee yourself a crossbow bolt in the chest; instead try running at an angle or a zig-zag pattern. Hitting one statue's switch while others are targeting you is a good way to have the statue fire on you without taking any damage until your switch-hitting animation is complete. Once you're finished with one statue, apply the same methods and hit the rest of the switches.

In the next room, point your firearm at the plate that the laser-sight is just below in order to open the door.

Walk up the stairs, look over the railing to the left and point your laser-sight at the next plate to open the next door.

When in the next room, look up and to the left and you will see yet another plate. Point your laser-sight at it to open the next door.

You will find a zombie in the next room; dispatch it, look up at the far left corner of the room and you will find another plate. You know what to do. The door is open, so head on through.

Once inside, you will find the Madonna of Sorrow; grab it and head through the door to find the Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle and a door on either side of it. Head through either door, look up at the bells in the towers and shoot each one. You'll only be able to see three bells in the five towers, that's because the last two bells are hanging from weather vanes on the far right and left towers. Shoot them and you'll unlock the gate leading to the Madonna of Grief, the final Madonna.

After taking the Madonna of Grief, a door leading to the third floor of the the cathedral's main hall, which houses the alters for the Madonnas you just obtained, will open. Head through it, place the Madonnas and the secret passage will open up, unleashing the delightfully disgusting Lepotitsa for battle. Enjoy!

BOSS: Chapter 2 – Lepotitsa – Cathedral Main Hall

Pores no mores The Lepotitsa's main attack is a zombifying blue gas that it emits from its giant pores. In order to avoid the gas, you must keep a safe distance from the Lepotitsa and using your newly acquired sniper rifle will certainly help with that. The Lepotitsa will also run around turning the remaining cathedral survivors into zombies which will then pursue you. Just make sure you don't use your precious sniper rounds on killing these newly undead.

The best method for defeating this disgusting creature is to immediately hop up to the 2nd floor and shoot it with your sniper rifle. This will keep you safe from its blue gas and create some space between you and any zombies the Lepotitsa creates. Once you've done enough damage, it will clumsily climb the confession box to the immediate left of the ladder leading to the second floor of the main hall. Because of Lepotitsa's slow and cumbersome movements, you will have plenty of time to plant a remote bomb right at the top of the confessional; just make sure you don't detonate the bomb until it finishes its climb and starts moving again, or the bomb won't do any damage to the gas bag. Also, make sure you are a fair distance down the path after you place your bomb, so that you can place another one immediately after detonating the first.

After doing enough damage, the Lepotitsa will hop back down to the first floor and begin attacking with close-range attacks. If you still have remote bombs, keep using the same method of placing one in the beastie's path, making space, detonating and then doing it all again. If you are out of remote bombs, incendiary grenades work well too. If you can avoid getting overwhelmed by the Lepotitsa's zombie horde, continue shooting and detonating remote bombs, you'll make short work of the disturbing creature.

PUZZLE: Chapter 2 – Underground Lab Codes

What's behind door number one-oh-two?

The first room you enter after defeating the Lepotitsa in the Cathedral houses a set of door, all controlled by a console at the leftmost side of the room. Each door has a code and each door houses something different. Here are the codes:

012 will open the first door to the left of the console and it houses two regular zombies, nothing else. You can open this and kill the zombies with melee attacks so that you have a chance at getting some ammo, skill points or health drops. If that sounds too risky, just leave it closed.

201 is the room in the far-left corner and it houses a couple of destroyable boxes that contain items. Definitely worth opening

102 is the room in the far right corner and it houses a Shrieker. When you open this door, the Shrieker will rush out primed to shriek, so unload quickly to keep it from doing so and land yourself some skill points. Again, if it doesn't seem worth the risk, don't do it.

210 opens the gate and leads you to the next room.

The next room features another set of doors. Here are the codes:

012 and 201 are the codes for the two sets of doors on the immediate left of the console. 012 opens the first door, which houses several zombies and 201 is the door on the inside, which holds two destructible boxes, an herb and a chest which contains a health spray and 5,000 skills points. Definitely a good idea to visit.

102 is the room on the far left of the console and it houses another Shrieker and a health herb. Same deal: Kill it for the skill points and herb, or leave it alone.

120 is the room on the immediate right of the console and it houses regular zombies and a zombie that turns into a Bloodshot. You can get 500 skill points from the Bloodshot, but there isn't anything else in the room, so I'll leave that decision to you.

021 opens the gate on the far right corner of the room. Open it to move on.

BOSS: Chapter 2 – Deborah – Underground Lab

Sibling Rivalry Deborah is a three-clawed sassy lady, with a love of stabbing you in the face. Your first encounter with her will be brief and will end with her breaking the floor beneath you and your teammates. The real fight with Deborah doesn't begin until she directly attacks you again.

First things first: The orange parts of the ends of Deborah's claws are her weak points. Aim at those and unload. She will sit on the edge of the arena and expose her claws; this is your time to attack. If she jumps into the arena, run fast and hard; the damage she does when she strikes is substantial and she has incredible range. Also, be wary of the zombies that enter the arena when Deborah is on the edge of it.

When you do enough damage, she'll hop into the arena for a more extended stay and begin attacking frequently. Luckily, she has two other targets besides you to attack, so you'll get a bit of a break. Keep your distance and stay on her side, attacking her weak points whenever she exposes them (a shotgun helps speed up the process of destroying her weak points). After destroying all three, she will break the floor of the arena and you will be separated from your teammates. Head down the ramp, taking zombies out as you go, but be careful about running; the area is caving in on itself and tremors happen frequently. If you get caught running when a tremor happens, you'll fall over and present yourself to the hungry, hungry zombies shuffling about the area. At the bottom of the ramp is a crank that moves a cart which is currently holding your friends. Turn the crank to get your teammates to your side of the room and hop into the cart.

Once inside, the battle against Deborah begins again. Make sure to stay at the back end of the cart to give yourself the opportunity to dodge overhead obstacles without getting smacked in the face. Deborah will eventually hop onto the front of your cart and attack. Pull out your shotgun and target her weak points. If she swings, push the action button (X on PS3, A on 360) while aiming and holding back to do a jump dodge, which will avoid her attack. She'll jump off and on the cart at intervals, giving you a bit of a breather now and then.

After her last round of attacks, you and your group are thrown from the mine cart. Quickly pull out your sniper rifle, target her weak point and fire to finish the fight. If you take too long to take the shot or if you miss one too many times, it'll be an instant game over, as Deborah will kill Helena and we don't want that, do we?

BOSS: Chapter 4 – Lepotitsa – Airplane Cockpit

Pores forevermores.

This fight is extremely close-quarters, which means the Lepotitsa is often in range for melee attacks. It won't hit you with its blue gas this time around and you won't have to worry about the zombies either. Pick up the Lightning Hawk handgun toward the plane controls and use remote bombs to knock the Lepotitsa down. Once knocked over, Lepotitsa will expose its head, this is your time to pull out your Lightning Hawk and shoot it. After two-to-three remote bombs, it'll run away.

You will then head down to the bulkhead of the ship and the fight will continue. The Lepotitsa will spray its blue gas in the room as soon as the fight begins, which will consistently damage you. You have to open the cargo hatch, but the Lepotitsa will attack you while you turn the valve. To get yourself some time, shoot the tanks lining the walls as the Lepotitsa crosses them. The tanks will spray it, causing it to fall over, exposing its head and buying you some time. Open the hatch and the Lepotitsa will fall out of the plane, making you the victor of this rematch.

BOSS: Chapter 4 – Ustanak – Shipyard

He's a bit handsy Ustanak is a grabby gentleman who likes dual-wielding you and your partners. He'll often charge at you and go for the grab. The key here is to never let him get to close to you, so run to a safe distance, fire some shots and repeat. If you do get caught, you'll be treated to a lengthy bit of Quick-Time Events that you'll have to complete in order to break his grasp.

One of the first things you're going to want to do is head to the forklift on your immediate left and hit the red switch. This will lower a platform for you to climb. Once lowered, you'll be able to use it as a platform to climb on top of a large storage container which has cases containing exploding canisters in them. Push the cases off of the container to release the canisters, then lure Ustanak over to them and shoot to detonate them and deal a nice chunk of damage to our grabby friend. Repeat this with the canisters up the ladder on the other side of the forklift, hit Ustanak with a handful of rounds and he will make a break for it

When you try and exit the area, Ustanak will split your party in half, attacking your comrades. Quickly scan the area for breakable boxes for extra ammo and skill points and then head to the front of the bus. Get in the bus and you will be informed that it is non-functional. Head to the back of the bus and investigate it to get it running again. The bus will drive through the wall, allowing you to get back to the fight.

The bus also opened up access to extra containers with breakable boxes on top of them. Break the boxes for some extra ammo, avoid Ustanak's gun shots and head to the right side of the area to find another forklight. On top of the container that the forklift enabled access to, you'll find several more cases of explosive canisters. At this point, you know the drill.

After doing enough damage, Ustanak will swap out his gun hand for a claw which he can use to grab you and your teammates from a distance, dealing significant damage.

If you use up all of the canisters on the map, just pull out you sniper or Lightning Hawk and pick away at him. It shouldn't be long before the fight is over and you walk away the winner.

BOSS: Chapter 5 – Dog Simmons – Train

We need to put this one down Simmons will start out in his dog-monster form and slowly march toward you and Helena. Do what you always do by shooting and keeping your distance. This time, that method is absolutely necessary, as Simmons will swipe you off the train if you get to close, meaning instadeath.

After doing enough damage, Simmons will return to his human form, starting a cutscene that will guide Leon and Helena off of the roof of the train and into one of the train's cars. Once inside, Simmons turns back into his dog-monster form and continues his attack, but this time he won't instantly kill you when you get near him.

Simmons will continually hop from inside the car to the top of it and back again. Hopping on top of the car will reward you lots of ammunition and a first aid spray. Grab this stuff, and find a spot to wait for Simmons; chasing after him is pointless as he will is constantly on the move, so choosing a spot and waiting for him is the best strategy you can take. After doing enough damage, Simmons will turn into a human again. Shoot him until he falls on one knee and he'll become vulnerable for a special melee attack. Get in close and do some damage.

After doing enough damage, Simmons will become an even larger dog creature, complete with back mounted flesh...gun. After doing a running segment, you will end up inside a train car with a portion of its side missing. Use this hole to shoot at Simmons, but whenever you see his back gun start to steam, get behind cover. Do some more damage and he'll peel away more of the car's wall, leaving you with less cover to hide behind. Keep up the assault and eventually he'll force you up to the top of the car again where he will attempt to finish the fight by trying to derail the train. Quickly pull out your sniper rifle, zoom in and hit him a few times to put this rabid dog down.

BOSS: Chapter 5 – T-Rex Simmons - Neo-Umbrella Building

Millions of years of evolution and all I got was this lousy weak spot

Simmons doesn't take kindly to losing and that becomes pretty clear in this rematch. He will start in what looks very much like a giant, fleshy T-Rex. His weak spot is inside his mouth and he will only expose it when he roars. The simplest and most direct approach to taking out this disgusting behemoth is to lead him over one of the many red, explosive barrels littering the floor and blow it up as he gets near. If you hit him with the explosion he will briefly return to his human form, leaving you an opportunity to get in close and do some decent damage with a melee Quick-Time Event; just make sure that you start mashing the X (or A for 360 users) button as soon as you start the QTE or you might not be able to complete it and get the damage bonus.

After doing enough damage to Simmons, a soldier driving a car with two mounted machine guns will enter the area, beginning a chase sequence. Unload on the eye in Simmons' mouth with the machine gun, but make sure to pace yourself or else the gun will overheat, losing you precious time while waiting for it to cool down.

After a few trips around the area, the car will flip and explode, leaving you to fight Simmons back on foot. He now has a few new tricks, like throwing cars with his mouth and jumping across the area to smash you. Odds are, you used up all of the exploding barrels at the beginning of the fight, but worry not, because there is another vehicle with a mounted machine gun on it on the outskirts of the area. Locate it, hop in from the back, make sure Simmons isn't too close and unload on him, pacing your shots along the way. Be warned: If Simmons gets close to the car, he will destroy it, so make sure to hop off and lead him away from it if he starts getting too close. If he destroys the car, focus on hitting him with your magnum or shotgun to whittle him down. If you have any remote bombs, carefully plant them by his feet and detonate them to get him back into his human form faster.

After reducing him to his human form a 4 or 5 times and doing enough damage, he'll fall over and this part of the fight will end.

BOSS: Chapter 5 – Dog Simmons – Side of Umbrella Building

Too legit to quit?

Simmons has now transformed back into the dog with the machine gun on his back and is now duking it out with Ada Wong on a building across from yours. You have to climb up an elevator cable before you can even start the fight, so make sure you don't delay it by letting go of the shoulder or trigger buttons, even during a cutscene, because you will fall, losing time by having to re-climb more of the cable.

Once you are off the elevator cable, pull out your sniper rifle and fire at Simmons. Just make sure to keep your ears open for any zombie moans, because zombies will drop in behind you to catch you off guard. On the plus side, if you kill them they'll drop more ammo so you can keep firing at Simmons.

After a bit, you will end up climbing the cable again, but this time Simmons is climbing up after you. Keep calm, focus on climbing and hitting the dodge prompt whenever he swings and you'll be out of his range in no time.

Eventually Simmons will jump back after Ada, knocking her unconscious. Leon will jump after her to protect her from Simmons' advance. During this sequence DO NOT FIRE. Bullets won't damage him and your ammo should be low by this time, so every round counts. After a moment, Ada will wake up and the fight will continue. If possible, collect some of the ammunition littering the building and then fire at Simmons. Keep an eye out for wayward zombies and shoot them for some extra rounds.

Simmons will frequently charge you and the best way to dodge his attack is by aiming your gun and pushing the X (or A) button. Attack Simmons for long enough and eventually Ada will knock him off of the building and then leave, giving Leon and Helena a chance to make a break for it.

Leon and Helena make for the roof and are quickly blocked by a mostly human Simmons who has developed a sort of scorpion tail. Immediately run behind the small building to your left to keep Simmons from hitting you with his tail. If he hits you once, he can continuously hit you with it, doing a ton of damage and even killing you. Try and inch your way out from behind the building so that you have just enough of a view of Simmons to shoot him but not enough for him to hit you with his tail. Keep shooting him in the human part of his body and avoid shooting his tail, as it is invulnerable.

Do enough damage and Simmons will move on to his final form.

BOSS: Chapter 5 – Fly Simmons – Rooftop

There isn't a big enough fly-swatter in the world...

In this final fight with Simmons, aim directly for his giant, dome-like eyes and avoid the refuse he throws your way by moving to the opposite side of the platform. Eventually, he will hop right in front of the platform you're on and throw more refuse. Just keep shooting and he'll eventually fall off while Leon jumps off of the platform and back onto the roof.

This is a great time to collect some ammo by killing zombies with melee attacks; Helena'll also help out by shooting them. After clearing the area of zombies and breaking all the boxes, head through the door marked by your navigator.

After a short trek, Simmons will pop back up and the fight will continue. He will protect his eyes from damage, so focus on shooting the joints of his legs to break his guard. Use the magnum on his joints to make quick work of them. Also, make sure to pick up the bright yellow and red rod off of the ground and stab zombies with it, then shoot all other remaining zombies whenever Simmons' weak points aren't lit up. He will use zombies to heal himself, but if you limit his options to the zombie with the rod stuck in it, he will pick that up and get electrocuted, stopping the healing process. If you prevent him from healing enough, he will eventually drop his head, leaving his eyes open for attack. Using the magnum should guarantee that you destroy an eye on your first attempt, which will force him to recoil, stand back up again and reach for another zombie. If you have been proactive in stabbing zombies with the rod, he will grab the zombie with the rod sticking out of it, attempt to heal and then get electrocuted, forcing him to briefly run away.

Head to the helicopter to find the present Ada left behind: A rocket launcher. Pick it up, fire it at Simmons and then hug your neighbor, because you just finished Leon's campaign

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