Resident Evil 6

Sticky Situation guides were written to assist you in completing the tougher parts of Resident Evil 6.

All of the Sticky Situation guides were written while playing single-player on normal difficulty and playing as the character the individual campaigns were named after (Leon for Leon campaign, etc...). The skills that were used to complete the game were Firearm, Defense, and Item Drop Increase. Focus on getting these skills over any others.

General Tips:

-Don't take your hands off of the controller; Quick-Time Events (QTEs for short) happen constantly. -Conserve ammo by getting headshots and getting good at melee attacks for lesser enemies; melee is going to be your best friend throughout all campaigns. -Learn how to jump dodge (aim + any direction + X––or A on the 360) and learn it well. This is one skill that is invaluable for the entirety of the game.

BOSS: Chapter 2 – Two Ogroman – Edonian City Square

Edonia, Edonia, the land I didn't make up Technically, I'm not sure you could call this a boss fight, since you don't have to kill both of them to complete your objectives (at least not when you play as Jake you don't), but they are stupidly durable and can yield you a nice bit of skill points if you kill them. Killing them is the tricky part, of course, but don't you worry that beautiful head of yours; I'll walk you through it.

Fighting these guys isn't particularly hard, as there is only one of them on the field at a time; it's just a matter of getting to the second floor of any building it is standing near and then shooting it in the fleshy...dangly thing on its back. Don't fire shots unless you know they'll hit, lest you waste ammo needlessly. Hit it in its weak spot enough times and it'll double over, falling on one knee. When you see this, run as close as you can to it, while still remaining on the second floor of any building and then hit the shoulder button when prompted. You'll begin a QTE that'll allow you to get some extra damage in on it before it stands and starts to wander again. You can also use the mounted machine gun on the building to the right of where you start to make the fight that much easier.

Do this 3-4 times and it'll go down, netting you a cool 4,000 skill points. Be warned though, another Ogroman will replace the one you killed, so don't get caught off guard. Just use the same strategy to kill this one and you'll make yourself Scrooge McDuck levels of rich in the skill points department. Well, maybe not Scrooge McDuck levels, but you get the point.

BOSS: Chapter 3 – Attack Helicopter – Rooftop

Chopper: Just shoot it! This is a fight so straight forward that I hesitate to call it a boss fight. Before the battle begins, there will be a grenade launcher lying on the ground, marked by your navigator. Go pick it up and shoot the helicopter with it as soon as it makes an appearance. It doesn't take too many shots to bring it down. Pretty simple stuff, right?

BOSS: Chapter 3 – Iluzija – Apartment Building

Have we met? You look so familiar... Iluzija is a agile and partially invisible snake creature. Instead of confronting you head-on, it'll start by only coming out for an attack or two and then heading back out of reach and vision. Keep your eyes open and make every shot and second count as soon as you see him. Also, be careful of whenever the camera fixes on his barely visible jaws, as it is an indicator that he is going to attempt to grab you with his mouth. If he manages to get ahold of you, pay attention and hit the buttons prompted by the Quick-Time Event to escape, otherwise he'll do a nice chunk of your health in damage. Oh! And his weak spot is his open mouth.

After doing enough damage, the Snake will flee to another area of the building and the only way to follow him is to climb through an air duct. Problem is, he likes attacking in locations like this by grabbing hold of your leg and dragging you, so be on your toes and shoot him as aggressively as you can to shake him off.

After squaring off with him a bit more inside the building, Iluzija will take off through another vent. Follow him out and get ready for the last portion of the fight.

Once the fight begins again, you will find yourself more on Iluzija's terms, because of the narrow space and his toughened hide. Quickly take a left, followed by a right, climb the ladder, grab the two herbs and then stand by the console. Activate it as soon as Iluzija slithers over the puddle of water directly underneath the console to give it a jolt. Do this twice and Iluzija's days of munching on BSAA troops will be over.

BOSS: Chapter 3 – Gnezdo – Apartment Building

Beads? Oh, bees! I know what you're thinking,”This dude is made of bees! How do you kill a dude made of bees?!” Pretty nuts, right? Don't sweat it. Like all BOWs, this guy has a weakness and can be taken down with enough well placed shots, so buck up, sit down and hear me out, 'cause we're gonna make him feel the 'sting' of defeat. Ha! See what I did there? Pretty good stuff. Preeeeeetty good.

Also, this technically isn't a boss fight, but these guys are tough if you don't know what you're doing, so let's just pretend it IS a boss fight so we can learn how to kill them together.

Firstly, don't waste your shots shooting his (her?) body, his...its weak point is a giant bee that will appear whenever attempts to attack by sending a swarm after you. While the bee is in fact giant, it is still a pretty small and quick little bastard, so pull out your shotgun to make the most of your shots; it makes one hell of a fly swatter.

Keep at it and you'll make short work of this beastie.

BOSS: Chapter 5 – HAOS – Underwater Facility

Bringing chaos to HAOS HAOS is one gnarly looking beast. With a skull like a human and hair gel for skin, this is guy is pretty terrible; at least in the looks department. He frequently attacks by either swinging his arm down to smash you or by coming and close and puking on you. You can avoid either these attacks pretty easily by circling the map until you gain some distance, only stopping when you can see his back. At this point, fire your weapon to generously share your banquet of bullets with him. Just keep your distance and this fight will be over quickly.

Tragically, that was only the beginning of the battle. In this next stage, you have to run down a long tunnel that is broken into segments, which detach if you stay in one for too long. All you gotta do is run, right? Well, it'd definitely be that simple if HAOS wasn't slowing you down by jamming his arm through the tunnel, becoming a barrier between you and the slowly closing shutters. So start this fight off right and equip your grenade launcher, then switch to your acid rounds (aim + triangle or Y) to get HAOS out of the way faster.

Continue running down the tunnel, shooting HAOS whenever his hand bursts through the wall; a couple of acid rounds should be all it takes to get it out of the way. Just do yourself a serious favor by not standing too close to HAOS' hand when firing acid rounds. Unless, of course, you enjoy splashing yourself with acid and costing yourself some serious time recovering.

After 3-4 segments, you'll be at the end of the tunnel. Reload your weapons and head through the door to start the chase again.

This time HAOS will take a more—ahem—personal approach with his attacks, by barreling through the tunnels himself. The rules haven't changed, so keep running until you reach the end of the tunnel.

Eventually, a cutscene will begin and HAOS will leave Chris, and especially Piers, in need of a hand—Oh, I'm on fire today! Chris will be at HAOS' mercy while Piers crawls to grab the syringe of C-Virus that the pair found in Ada's briefcase. After grabbing it, Piers injects himself, becoming a bad-ass capable of shooting lightning out of his arm; if that doesn't even the odds, then they should just lie down on the ground and accept the inevitable.

After zapping HAOS with lightning, Piers frees Chris from HAOS' grasp and HAOS appears to be finished, but we know better than that, don't we? Take this opportunity to search the room for some breakable boxes to get some extra ammo before hitting the switch. Once you feel you have adequately combed the area for goodies, head back to Piers and hit the switch.

Surprise! HAOS totally wasn't dead! Caught you off guard, huh? Okay, sarcasm time is over. Get focused, because this fight takes place in a much smaller area than the first fight with HAOS. Make sure you conserve your grenade launcher ammo by using another weapon until I give you the go ahead; you're going to need those precious few rounds you have left.

His weak points are the pulsing organs on the left and right sides of his torso. If you're having trouble reaching them, pull out your sniper rifle and shoot while Piers continually hits him with electricity. After a few moments of this onslaught, HAOS will fall over, leaving you the opportunity to dig into those sweet, sweet weak spots. After shooting away at HAOS' weak spots, his torso will dislodge from his lower half and he will begin to cocoon like J'Avo do before becoming BOWs, only HAOS does this to heal himself and continue the fight. Unload on that cocoon with everything you've got before he hatches to keep him from healing and to open him open for some real damage.

If you successfully break the cocoon, HAOS will pop out of his healing process underdeveloped with his organs fully exposed. Run in and hit the melee prompt to get Chris to stab one of his organs, dealing significant damage.

No matter what you do after stabbing his organ, HAOS is going to retreat onto on of the many containers in the room to cocoon himself and begin fighting again. During this time, don't bother firing; you won't be able to knock him out of his cocoon at this point. Just wait for him to hop down, shoot his organs and he'll be right back in a cocoon that you can actually attack ..

After the second or third time cocooning, HAOS will begin to hop from box to box, spitting damaging bile at you and Piers. Dodge his attacks, watch out for the giant fleshy pus spires his bile erects around the room (shoot them for some ammo, if you're in need) and continue firing on him until he falls off of the box.

Keep this up and eventually HAOS will smack Chris across the room, putting you instantly in a downed state. Crawl over to HAOS while Piers is shocking him, hit the prompt, complete the QTE and you'll send HAOS back to the grotty creature underworld he undoubtedly hails from.

Finish one more running sequence and high-five your family, because you just finished Chris' campaign.

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