Resident Evil 6

Sticky Situation guides were written to assist you in completing the tougher parts of Resident Evil 6.

All of the Sticky Situation guides were written while playing single-player on normal difficulty and playing as the character the individual campaigns were named after (Leon for Leon campaign, etc...). The skills that were used to complete the game were Firearm, Defense, and Item Drop Increase. Focus on getting these skills over any others.

General Tips:

-Don't take your hands off of the controller; Quick-Time Events (QTEs for short) happen constantly. -Conserve ammo by getting headshots and getting good at melee attacks for lesser enemies; melee is going to be your best friend throughout all campaigns. -Learn how to jump dodge (aim + any direction + X, or A on the 360) and learn it well. This is one skill that is invaluable for the entirety of the game.

BOSS: Chapter 1 – Ustanak –

Warehouse – Get used to seeing this guy... Ustanak is a big Jason Voorhees lookin' fella with a love of grabbing things—namely people—with his claw and smashing them about the room. If you aren't a pyromaniac who loves to watch things go up in flames, you'll have avoided shooting all of the exploding barrels in the room, which is a very good thing.

When Ustanak bursts through those warehouse doors, your first, and pretty much last, order will be to lead him around the warehouse to get him near those exploding barrels. When he is near one of them, you shoot and you shoot fast. Don't bother firing your weapon at him until you've detonated all of the barrels around the warehouse.

When you've run out of barrels to detonate, keep your distance and fire (we've talked about this before in the other guides, remember?). If you run out of ammo, kill the gun-toting, machete-swinging J'Avo that frequently appear in the room to get a bit more. Shoot him enough and he'll go down. Pretty straight forward, huh?

BOSS: Chapter 1 – Two Ogroman – Edonian City Square

It takes two, baby (Note: This portion of the guide was taken from the Chris guide, since it is the same fight with very little difference.)Technically, I'm not sure you could call this a boss fight, since you don't have to kill both of them to complete your objectives (at least not when you play as Jake you don't), but they are stupidly durable and can yield you a nice bit of skill points if you kill them. Killing them is the tricky part, of course, but don't you worry that beautiful head of yours; I'll walk you through it.

Fighting these guys isn't particularly hard, as there is only one of them on the field at a time; it's just a matter of getting to the second floor of any building it is standing near and then shooting it in the fleshy...dangly thing on its back. Don't fire shots unless you know they'll hit, lest you waste ammo needlessly. Hit it in its weak spot enough times and it'll double over, falling on one knee. When you see this, run as close as you can to it, while still remaining on the second floor of any building and then hit the shoulder button when prompted. You'll begin a QTE that'll allow you to get some extra damage in on it before it stands and starts to wander again. You can also use the mounted machine gun on the building to the right of where you start to make the fight that much easier.

Do this 3-4 times and it'll go down, netting you a cool 4,000 skill points. Be warned though, another Ogroman will replace the one you killed, so don't get caught off guard. Just use the same strategy to kill this one and you'll make yourself Scrooge McDuck levels of rich in the skill points department. Well, maybe not Scrooge McDuck levels, but you get the point.

Chapter 2 – Ice Caves –

Avoiding Mr. Ustanak After outrunning the avalanche, you'll end up in an ice cave in which Ustanak is constantly on patrol. When his flying bugs make their first appearance, remember to pay attention to the blue flickering light they emit on the ground. That light is their sight range and if you step into it, Ustanak will chase you down quick like Whopper after hearing about free burger day. A simple way to deal with this situation is by sneaking up behind the bugs and hitting the melee prompt that pops up on screen to kill them. If you do make a mistake, just run for one of the many dumpsters littering the ice caves and wait until Ustanak 'chills' out. Good god, I need to get paid for this stuff.

After traversing through several areas of the ice cave, you will come to what looks like a frozen pond with Ustanak walking back and forth on top of it. At the other end of the pond is a attache case with the keycard you need to open the door that leads out of the area. If you walk on the pond Ustanak will hear you and immediately attack and kill you. To avoid this tragic death, head to the left side of the pond and boost Sherry up the platform and then head to your immediate right to pick up all of the remote bombs. Switch to your remote bombs and find a place that is far away from the attache case and plant it. Find a place to hide that is far away from the bomb and then detonate it. Ustanak will hear it and run over to inspect it, giving Sherry some much needed time to open the case. Once Sherry grabs the card, head to the door and prepare for a good ol' fashioned chase sequence.

BOSS: Chapter 4 –Ustanak – Docks

Never gonna give you up... This dude is persistent with a capital ISTENT. In this fight, he will swap his claw out for a handful of other limbs. He also has a special cage on his back, just for when he grabs Jake. Ustanak is also particularly grabby in this fight, even going to the point of dual-wielding your allies if given the chance. For the most part, handle him by keeping your distance and tracking down the explosive canisters littered around the level.

Start by heading to your immediate left and climb the ladder. On top of this container is crate holding a a collection of explosive canisters. Push it off the container and it'll break open. When Ustanak walks over the canisters, shoot them to deal some sweet damage.

Once you detonate the canisters, turn around and jump down past the ladder you originally climbed and hit the big red button on the forklift in front of you. The forklift will lower, creating a platform for you to climb on top of another container that has explosive canisters on top of it. Push the crate of canisters over and wait for Ustanak to walk over them, same as before.

After detonating three sets of canisters, Ustanak will totally run away and not come back to fight you ever again—certainly not in the next minute or two. Head over to the wall marked by your navigator and give Sherry a boost. Wait...Oh! Oh man! Ustanak is back! I totally didn't see that coming! Did you? I-I'm just stunned! Who would've th—Alright, I'll cut the crap. You of course knew this was coming so let's get our heads back in the game and take down this obnoxious behemoth.

Ustanak, or Ustie as I've taken to calling him, now has a shotgun for a hand instead of his traditional claw. He will attempt to do some long-range damage, so don't stay in one place for too long. You don't need to fire your weapon until Leon and Sherry make their appearance with the bus. Just keep Ustie from hitting you and wait until the bus shows up.

When the bus does finally arrive, head back to the ladder you climbed when the fight first began, hop from the container you're on over to the container with the breakable boxes. From there hop onto the bus and then onto the next container. Jump off of this container after breaking all of the boxes, head to the right and locate a second forklift. Hit the red button same as before to make a platform leading up to another container with several cases of explosive canisters on top. Knock them all to the ground, then lead Ustie over each one of them, detonating them as you do. Just be warned that Ustanak will switch his hand back to the claw after you blow up one or two sets of canisters. The claw gives him the ability to grab you and your pals from long distances away, at which point he will typically slam you to the ground; unless of course, you're Jake, whom he will trap in his cage upon grabbing. His claw will fall off after a few more canisters, so don't sweat it too much; I just wanted to let you know what was up, 'cause we're neighbors and all—secret neighbors.

Once you have detonated all of the canisters, pull out your magnum and finish Ustanak off with a few rounds. You will then be treated to a cutscene in which Ustie gets crushed by a tower. To be continued?

BOSS: Chapter 5 – Ustanak – Lava Manufacturing Plant

I can't say it's been a pleasure, Ustie Gasp! Do my eyes believe me? Is that our good buddy, Ustanak? Oh! And he has a new hand! This time it's a mace, which he loves to swing about the room and at you and Sherry. Oh joy! This should be a lovely little visit. Or not. Whatever. I don't even care anymore. This guy has well overstayed his welcome.

This fight begins (for the eleven billionth time) with Ustanak chasing you on the very narrow catwalks that dangle about a sea of lava. Fighting Ustie here would be bad news and Jake and Sherry agree. Run and keep your eyes open for falling debris that will drop from the ceiling and take out chunks of the catwalk. Reach the pushable obstacle at the end of the catwalk, push it (but of course) and jump down to really start the fight.

After jumping down to the next set of platforms, immediately turn around and make some distance between you and Ustanak. His mace has some range and he likes to try and smash you with it, but you and distance go way back (Oh man!), so avoiding his initial attacks won't be tough for you. Keep in mind that he also likes to super heat his mace by throwing it into the lava. If he hits you with this attack, it's going to be a pretty big bummer, so don't let him!

Do enough damage and Ustie will force the fight to a cooled bit of lava rock. He now has the ability to charge you with greater ease and also break the lava rock to create geysers of magma by throwing his mace around. He also enjoys swinging his mace above his head to do a nice little area attack. Use the jump dodge technique (aim and push X or A in the direction you want to dodge) to avoid his attacks and feel free to let him have a sample of the best of your weaponry.

After wearing him down a bit, Ustanak will knock Sherry out of the fight and smack Jake's weapon out of his hand, leaving you to fight Ustie with nothing but your fists. Hold down the aim button and use R1 or Right Trigger to swing, or hold it to do a heavy palm strike. This fight essentially boils down to a one-sided sumo match over a lava pit; knock Ustie into the lava to win the championship. The only way to win this fight is the most obvious way: Punch him a bunch and dodge his attacks when the dodge prompt appears on the screen. Just be warned: Your health may not be on the screen, but take too many hits and you'll lose your shot at the title of Monster Puncher. You need to combo Ustanak off the edge of the platform to win and one of the easiest ways to do this is with Jake's upper-cut (press the aim and shoot buttons at the same time). After hitting Ustie with the upper-cut, make sure to hang onto the aim button before punching again, or else you'll do a basic melee attack which doesn't slow Ustanak down very effectively. If you have Ustie against the ropes–or the edge of the platform rather–follow up with another few punches to start a combo. Keep the combo going and you'll trigger some QTEs that'll ultimately finish with Ustie singing the lava blues.

Oh, but what do we have here? Ustanak doesn't enjoy lava like the rest of us and promptly escapes to make one last attempt at wiping Jake and Sherry out. Follow the QTE prompts fast enough to send Ustanak to Hades for good then pat yourself on the back, because you just finished Jake's campaign.

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