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There are a ton of different enemies in Resident Evil 6 and not knowing what to do when a new enemy enters the field is a good way to die, so here is a list of some of the enemies you will encounter during your fight against the sinister Neo-Umbrella.

Zombies: Regular zombies come in all shapes and sizes in RE6. Some are armored, meaning you have to shoot them in the legs or melee them in order to do them any harm. Some have dynamite in hand or strapped to their chest, so shoot them from a distance or suffer the consequences. There are also others that will turn into the resilient, aggressive Bloodshots after you kill them. No matter what type of zombie you're fighting, they all typically go down with a few melee attacks or shots from a handgun. Know your zombies and you'll have no issue returning them back to the grave.

Zombie Dog: Time your counters right for an effortless one-hit kill. Don't get caught by a dog while aiming down the sights of your gun; it'll only get you killed. Circle them and shoot after they lunge; a shotgun works wonderfully for the shooting part. And be very, very careful around a group of three or more dogs. Things get pretty difficult with that many dogs running around and attacking you.

Shrieker: These zombies damage you with their ear-piercing screams and call other zombies to aid them. Shoot them in the chest when it puffs up just before they scream and you'll take them out effortlessly, even with a pistol. Just don't wait too long once they puff out their chests, because their scream will have your character recoiling, leaving you open for attacks by any other zombies on the field. They also call more zombies to the area whenever they scream, so taking them out promptly is in your best interest. Make sure you keep your distance after killing them, as they have a nasty habit of letting off one more painful scream on their way back to the grave.

Bloodshot: A Bloodshot is a fleshy, muscular creature that shows up from the bodies of certain regular zombies after you kill them. They move fast and can't be melee attacked effectively. Hit them in the chest when they fall to their knees and their chest begins to pulse or just step away and unload a shotgun or pistol on them. Whatever you do, don't let them get close.

Whopper: Whoppers move very slow, but hit like a dump truck. Shoot them in the legs to knock them over and prevent them from charging at you. Pistols work well when attempting to take out a Whopper's legs, but a shotgun will really seal the deal for you. Just don't let them charge into you or they'll ruin your day.

Rasklapanje: Rasklapanje are unbeatable enemies that regenerate as you shoot them. They also spawn hands from their mouths that can attack you (I know, gross right?). If you shoot a Rasklapanje enough, its body will fall apart and the individual segments will attack you. Your best bet is just avoid them all together and get out of the area as swiftly as possible. If you do find yourself cornered, unload enough rounds and Rasklapanje will fall down and stay down for a period of time long enough for you to get escape. Whatever you do don't let it grab you; if you fail the QTE, you'll die instantly.

J'Avo: J'avo are just about as easy to kill as the any regular zombie. The one thing you have to look out for is that some of them will cocoon themselves after dying, turning into either a Mesets, Napad, Gnezdo or Strelats; all of which are significantly harder to fight. The cocoon can be destroyed, but only with heavy firearms like a magnum or shotgun; grenades work too. The cocoons are also incredibly vulnerable to electricity, so Sherry's stun rod will work wonders against them.

A J'Avo's body can also grow mutated appendages depending on which appendage is damaged; damaging a leg means a possible leg transformation, damaging the arm means a possible arm transformation, and so on. Really, the simplest way to take down a mutated J'Avo is just by shooting its human parts. They'll go down after a handful of bullets, same as any other enemy.

There are a few J'Avo that have some slight nuances to them and they are:

Telo-Eksplozija: This J'Avo's head becomes two giant grub worms and will explode whenever it gets close to you or your partner. Don't bother wasting your ammo unloading on its body, just give it one shot in the leg and it'll fall to its knees and blow up.

Noga-Let: This J'Avo develops the wings of a moth and flies around the room while its human half fires on you with a gun. If you have any flash grenades, throw one and the Noga-Let will instantly fall to the ground. All you have to do now is run over to it and hit the melee prompt that appears on the screen to rip its wings off, killing it instantly. If you're out of flash grenades, just shoot at its wings and it'll eventually fall down same as with a flash grenade.

Now for the cocoon-born BOWs:

Napad: These walking tanks' armor looks all but impenetrable, but a shotgun round or two will break off a chunk of their armor with ease. Get behind them and break the armor off of their backs to expose their weak spot: A flesh colored hunk of meat that takes a huge amount of damage whenever you shoot it. They like to punch when they get into close range, so keep your distance and try and get shoot them in the back. Also, be careful because they like to make one last ditch effort to take you down by swinging while they die. Shoot them in the back, kill them and step back; those three steps will have you dropping Napad with not problem.

Strelats: Strelats are lizard like creatures that move fast and like to get in close-to-mid range in order to attack. They can create a cloud of smoke that will choke your character and can also puff up their chests to hit you with the spikes that they are adorned with. Keep an eye on these fellas, because they love to sneak in, attack you and then slither away without you realizing what just happened.

Mesets: A Mesets is a bird BOW that rarely makes an appearance in RE6; it certainly is the rarest of the cocoon-born BOWs. Don't lose sight of this enemy and keep firing to bring it down quickly, before it has a chance to strike.

Gnezdo: A walking colony of bees, the Gnezdo is definitely one of the more interesting enemies in Resident Evil 6. While killing a colony of bees with a gun might sound like a challenge, a Gnezdo has one giant controller bee that pops out of the main body regularly, making it a very large and obvious weak spot. Shoot it with a shotgun a few times and you'll make short work of the Gnezdo.

While this isn't all of the creatures you'll encounter in Resident Evil 6, it certainly covers all of the ones that take more than just a few shots to kill. It also covers the enemies that have special properties you should know about. If you're looking for guides on how to take out the bosses in RE6, check out our individual character campaign guides.

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