Rockstar has recently released their take on the battle royale genre in Red Dead Online with the new 32-player game mode, Gun Rush. This mode mostly sticks to the core battle royale formula, only there are less players to battle on Gun Rush’s continuously shrinking map than the genre-standard 100 players. As the name suggests, Gun Rush also features guns, making it different from the Make it Count game mode released at launch that only allowed melee weapons and bows. 

How to Play Gun Rush

If you’re just learning about Gun Rush now, you’ll want to know how to play the game mode before diving into your first match. To play Gun Rush, simply access the mode via the main menu. There will be two options available, one for teams and one for solo play. During Free Roam, you can queue up for Gun Rush by bringing up the Online menu (left on the D-pad) and selecting Quick Join.

Image Credit: Shacknews

Gun Rush Tips

We’ve wrangled up a few gameplay tips to help newer players get a head start in Gun Rush mode in Red Dead Online. 

  • Rush to the center - In Gun Rush, everyone starts on the outskirts of the map. The best weapons and gear is found near the center, so you’ll need to move quick if you want to beat others to the punch.
  • Skip the melee weapons - Melee weapons really don’t do a whole mess of good in Gun Rush, as most encounters will occur at a distance. Try to grab a gun as soon as possible so that you stand a better chance at surviving enemy encounters.
  • Take cover - Red Dead Redemption 2 has a great cover system built into the game, so you might as well use it. Moving between cover is essential to Gun Rush, as you can keep yourself protected and hidden as you move closer to the center.
  • Get up high - It’s always a good idea to find a high vantage point when playing a competitive multiplayer mode like Gun Rush. Getting up on rooftops or hills will help you see enemies from a distance and scope out larger areas before proceeding, which can make a big difference during the game.
  • Communicate with teammates - If you intend to join the team-based Gun Rush mode by yourself, make sure you are ready to communicate with your team members. Working together with your allies will improve the chances of all of you surviving, while avoiding the frustration teaming up with randoms can cause. 

Hopefully these Gun Rush tips will help you become the last player standing in Red Dead Online’s new battle royale mode. Check out our other Red Dead Online guides, such as how to get missions and how to use passive mode, for more gameplay tips and tutorials.