If you’re playing through Bethesda’s latest, then you’re probably wondering when you’ll get your first gun in Prey. While you do acquire the Gloo Gun fairly early on, this weapon isn’t really all that useful for taking down enemies, as all it does is harden them for several seconds. In this article we’ll show you how to get your first gun in Prey, a pistol, as well as how to get a shotgun which you can grab really early on in the game.

How to Get Your First Gun

The first gun that you get in Prey can be found on the main story path. After you reach Morgan’s office and watch the video that he left, you must then head to the Teleconference area across the hall. Head out of Morgan’s office and open up the area to continue.

Inside you’ll find your first official weapon, a Silence Pistol. Be careful, though, as the one closest to the door is actually a Mimic.

This is your first real weapon in the game, but if you’re looking for something with a bit more stopping power, keep on reading.

How to Get the Shotgun

If you preordered the game, then you already have the Margrave Shotgun, which was in the safe in Morgan’s office. But, if you didn’t preorder the game, or you just want to score a few more Shotgun Shells, head back down the main floor of the lobby.

Once on the first floor, turn to the right and look for the doorway marked Security. This leads you to a set of stairs with a locked door at the bottom.

Don’t worry about the door. Instead, look along the left-hand side of the hallway and take note of the yellow pipes that run along the wall. You can jump up onto these pipes, which will allow you to continue forward, and pass through the wall above the locked door.

Keep following the pipes through a large hole.

Then drop down into the security room below. Here you’ll find the Shotgun, and several Shotgun Shells. Pick them up to claim them.

Now that you have the Shotgun, it’s time to get out of the security office. Make sure to read the emails on the Workstation for any additional details, and then head to the next portion of the room, where you should see a door with a button next to it.

Push the button to open the door, which will lead you back to the stairs outside of the security room. Congratulations on grabbing your first Shotgun. Now, continue on your journey by heading back to our Prey game hub, where we have plenty of other articles like how to find all the Workstation passwords, and more.