Prey Strategy Guide (Kindle Version)

Prey Strategy Guide (Kindle Version)

Includes Bonus eGuide code: The Kindle version comes with a code that unlocks access to the full eGuide on featuring searchable content, all optimized for a second-screen experience. Visit to redeem your Prey eGuide code. Please note, it will take one hour to receive this code via email.

The Kindle Version Features:

Detailed Maps: Use our illustrated maps to expertly navigate and explore the Talos I space station and uncover its secrets.

Complete Walkthrough: Coverage of the entire game, including strategy to survive the onslaught of hostile aliens and discover the truth about your past.

Weapons and Abilities: Learn everything you need to know about building and using tools, gadgets, and weapons. Includes the best strategies for utilizing and upgrading your alien abilities.

Hidden & Collectible Items Revealed: Find every item in the game, including Neuromods, Keycards, Audio Logs, and more!

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