Finding a specific Pokemon in Pokemon Quest can be a daunting task. However, with the right knowledge and a little trial and error you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Lately we’ve seen a lot of people asking how to get Dratini in Pokemon Quest, so we’re here to answer that question for you now. In this article we’ll cover how to get Dratini in Pokemon Quest so you can get what you need, start prepping the meal and continue with the rest of the game!

How to Get Dratini in Pokemon Quest

As with most other Pokemon in Pokemon Quest, the best way to get Dratini is to make the appropriate dish that will potentially attract the Pokemon to your base camp. There are several dishes you can make that have a decent chance of attracting Dratini, which you will find below.

Blue Soda a la Cube

  • Recipe 1: Bluk Berry (2), Icy Rock (3)
  • Recipe 2: Bluk Berry (1), Icy Rock (3), Tiny Mushroom (1)
  • Recipe 3: Bluk Berry (1), Icy Rock (3), Apricorn (1)
  • Recipe 4: Bluk Berry (1), Icy Rock (3), Fossil (1)
  • Recipe 5: Bluk Berry (1), Icy Rock (4)
  • Recipe 6: Icy Rock (4), Tiny Mushroom (1)
  • Recipe 7: Icy Rock (4), Apricorn (1)
  • Recipe 8: Icy Rock (4), Fossil (1)
  • Recipe 9: Icy Rock (5)

Blue Soda a la Cube will draw Dratini to your camp, along with a few other potential Pokemon. You won’t get Dratini every time, but you can use any of these nine recipes to create Blue Soda a la Cube in hopes of Dratini appearing. While there are other Blue Soda recipes, these nine are the only ones proven to deliver a Dratini to your base camp.

If you're just now getting into the game, or simply need a reference, you can find more recipes in our Pokemon Quest game hub!