Yesterday, prior to the Game Developers Conference event that’s happening in San Francisco this week, Sony held a small but significant gathering to help push its indie efforts.  Among the titles the company revealed included the PAX East hit fighter DiveKick (which we’ll talk about very soon with an impressions/strategy piece) and the shooter Luftrausers.  But more significantly, the company has already launched a new initiative to bring some fun independent multiplayer titles to the PlayStation 4.

At the event, the company announced Zombie Studios’ sequel Blacklight: Retributions as well as Lukewarm Media’s dinos vs. humans shoot-a-thon Primal Carnage: Genesis, both of which will be huge indie hits for the platform whenever they come out.

"We've got an incredible team on the ground that talks to developers every day, and these new games we're announcing are a direct result of the team's proactive outreach and focus on working with top independent developers," said Adam Boyes, vice president, publisher and developer relations, SCEA. "Our process and approach in working with developers has evolved to incorporate a lot of flexibility into the process, including the way we pursue and discover new talent, help them with funding solutions and work together to deliver their best games onto PlayStation platforms."

The indie titles join Jonathan Blow’s The Witness and other PS3/Vita efforts in Sony’s push to get more independent developments for its system.  More power to those guys!