Sony is definitely looking to expand upon its independent gaming audience this year on the PlayStation 3 – and well into the future with the PlayStation 4 – but little did we know how much of a push it would be directing towards the creator of Minecraft.

Markus "Notch" Persson, the creator of the multi-million selling indie hit, tweeted a picture of a VIP invitation he got from Sony for its forthcoming pre-E3 press conference.  Instead of just a typical piece of paper, Notch ended up getting a golden PSOne game system, along with a copy of the 1995 game release Dungeon Master II.  "They sure know how to bribe nerds," he said.

No word yet if he plans on bringing Minecraft to Sony consoles (it's currently on Xbox Live Arcade as part of an exclusive deal with Microsoft), but some of his other projects might end up on one of its consoles in the future.  We'll see what turns up in the months ahead.

As for our gold PS One system…um, it's in the mail, right?