Sony shook things up considerably a couple of months ago during its official PlayStation Meeting 2013, officially announcing the PlayStation 4 and a number of games including new Killzone and Infamous entries.  Perhaps even more intriguing is the Dual Shock 4 controller, which is still built with comfort in mind and also comes with great new additions like a "Share" button, a touch pad and connectivity through a funky glowing light on top of the pad.

Sony released a new video today in which developers talked in greater detail about the controller and its functionality, as well as what it'll be able to do for future game releases.  Over a period of two minutes and thirty seconds, these guys have a lot to say about how the Dual Shock 4 could literally change the way you play.

You can view the video here and look forward to more coverage of the PlayStation 4 in the months ahead, including a closer look at the games.  You can bet that Sony's E3 booth is going to be packed this year.