Last week, Sony shook up the gaming world by officially announcing the PlayStation 4 system, as well as several games that are in development for it, including sequels to Killzone and Infamous.  However, one real surprise that came from the announcement was the introduction of a new user interface, one that will do away with the XMB Cross Bar that the PS3 has become known for.

With this new system, players will have better options available for game selection, purchases and keeping in contact with friends.  They can also keep better track of their profile, as well as their Trophy Collection, what they've been playing and much, much more.

Items will also be a lot easier to find on the PlayStation Store than it is now, with a friendly system that breaks down content game-by-game, as well as access to other apps like Netflix.

We have yet to see it all running in motion, but E3 is coming up, and we're likely to get a better look at it there.  In the meantime, gaze at the shot above and dream of a better way to interact with your friends.  It's coming…