Zombies Foot Soldier Zombie

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Zombies Foot Soldier Zombie

The Foot Soldier Zombie is always in the fight—armed with an array of the latest Zomboss tech he doesn’t understand, but still manages to operate, thanks to his Zomboss Academy Training. His specialty is taking out rooted plants, claiming high ground via his Rocket Jump, and counting things.

Primary Weapon: Z-1 Assault Blaster
Available Upgrades
  • Rapid Reloader: By biting the ammo cartridge instead of using his hands, the Soldier reloads faster.
  • Ammo Thing-a-ma-bob: The ammo capacity Thing-a-ma-bob is larger now and able to hold more Zomboss Rounds.
  • Harder Zomboss Ammo: Zomboss rounds are enhanced through application of small hard things on the outer shell.

The Foot Soldier is the “all-around” Class of the zombies, and one of the most versatile Classes in the entire game when leveled up enough to have access to all of its special abilities and weapon upgrades. Its primary weapon is fairly accurate at a distance, letting a Foot Soldier engage the plant menace from afar or up close while remaining effective, while also having a good set of Special Abilities that allow the Foot Soldier to fight at the front lines.

Special Abilities


In order to launch a devastating strike against the plants, the Foot Soldier Zombie must simply bend over and aim...When the little chime ends, it’s rockets away!

The ZPG is a devastating weapon against any plant, and one of the hardest-hitting Special Abilities in the whole game, but its delay in firing can make it tough to use against an enemy that knows it’s coming and is actively trying to avoid it. It is fairly fast, but you’ll still need to lead a moving target if you want to score a direct hit. Some plants will be vanquished outright in a single direct ZPG strike, even with full health! A near miss is still fairly powerful, and the ZPG’s area of effect can finish off weakened plants.

Rocket Jump

Foot Soldier Zombie takes to the rooftops! The Rocket Jump ability enables the Foot Soldier to get to places other characters can’t. That’s one off his bucket list for sure!

It’s easy to underestimate the true usefulness of the Rocket Jump. However, the high ground is always an advantage, and no character in the game can reach ground higher than the Foot Soldier! You can combine the Rocket Jump with a ZPG to surprise opponents with powerful rockets from above, or you can use it as a last-ditch effort to avoid a burrowing Chomper.

Zombie Stink Cloud

A Zombie Stink Cloud stuck in a small canister is one of many Zomboss inventions. It not only blinds plants, it hurts them too.

Another useful tool in the Foot Soldier’s kit, the Zombie Stink Cloud can effectively cover the advance of a zombie horde, and can make a chokepoint that much less dangerous for the zombies, while flushing out entrenched plant defenders. Never forget this Special Ability once you unlock it!


Camo Ranger

As a long-range specialist, the Camo Ranger is tasked with countering Cactus, matching her range for range. He often loses his gun when setting it down.

Primary Weapon: Camo Surprise
Available Upgrades
  • Survival Guidebook Training: Self-taught rapid-reloading techniques through the zombie survival guidebook.
  • Extra Hidden Ammo: Hidden ammo discovered results in ammo capacity increase.
  • Super Camo Ammo: Super Camo Ammo boosts damage, but is hard to find when dropped.

The Camo Ranger enjoys a damage bonus for Critical Hits, complementing the nature of its primary weapon well. Best suited to extreme-range combat, the Camo Ranger can still be an effective front-line battler. However, the slow reload-speed of its weapon, even after upgrades, low rate of fire, and high-powered scope on the Camo Surprise, means that aggressive Camo Rangers will need to make each shot count, lest they be overwhelmed by more specialized close-ranged plants.

Super Commando

The Super Commando has seen more action and fought for more brainz than any zombie in the field. He comes with a “can-do-it-if-I-want-to” attitude.

Primary Weapon: Z4 Crossbow
Available Upgrades
  • Makeshift Reload Thingy: By making a zombie Makeshift Thingy, reload time has decreased.
  • Extra Stash of Ammo: Ammo capacity is increased though hiding extra stashes of hidden ammo.
  • Homemade Zomboss Special Ammo: Forget Zomboss Pellets, Commando makes his own ammo, providing a boost to damage.

The Super Commando is one of the better mid-to-long-range characters among all plants and zombies. Rewarding players who are excellent shots, the Z4 Crossbow carried by the Super Commando fires a single three-shot burst before needing to be reloaded, but this shot is incredibly accurate, meaning it’s possible to score three Critical Hits in one shot almost every time. The Peashooter and Sunflower, two plants with abilities that root them in place, are in grave danger if there’s a Super Commando on the field.

General Supremo

The General Supremo was promoted to lead the charge against the plants, but he forgot the detailed battle plans at the office, so he’s using a more agile process to fight the plants instead—i.e., making it all up.

Primary Weapon: Golden Gatling
Available Upgrades
  • Cooler Ammo Coolant: Reduces overheating by installing the Cooler Ammo Coolant mod.
  • Heat-Resistant Coating: Weapons coated in a heat-resistant coating offer a reduction in overheating downtime.
  • Zomboss Special Gold Ammo: Zomboss Special Gold Ammo was a gift from Zomboss himself after winning the Battle of Whatnot.

Functionally similar to the standard Foot Soldier, the General Supremo asserts his authority on the battlefield with the seemingly endless ammo capacity of his Golden Gatling. A devastating mid-range weapon that can easily suppress plants and lock down whole areas from attacking plants, the only thing General Supremo must watch out for is the Golden Gatling’s tendency to overheat if fired for too long. It also is much weaker shot-for-shot than the Camo Ranger and Super Commando, but it makes up for it with its sheer rate of fire.

Tank Commander

The Tank Commander is a distant cousin of the Foot Soldier Zombie. He lost his tank but still has a HUGE cannon!

Primary Weapon: Mega Cannon
Available Upgrades
  • Advanced Reload Training: Advanced Zomboss Reload Academy training results in slightly faster reload times.
  • Ammo Carrying Case: A large Ammo Carrying Case improves ammo capacity.
  • Super-Heated Sabot Rounds: Super-Heated Sabot Rounds offer a damage increase, but create a poor acronym: S.H.S.R.

Armed with the devastating Mega Cannon, a Tank Commander is one of the hardest-hitting Class Variants in the game. The Mega Cannon can be considered a ZPG-Lite, causing heavy damage on a direct hit or a near miss, leaving many plants vulnerable to being vanquished shortly after a single cannon shot.

Arctic Trooper

The Arctic Trooper spent last winter assigned to the Zomboss Arctic HQ, where he learned survival tricks and ate a bunch of snow.

Primary Weapon: Frozen Z-1 Assault Blaster
Available Upgrades
  • Less Frozen Reloader: The Reloader sometimes gets iced up, but this less frozen one is great! Reload time is reduced for sure.
  • Arctic Ammo Pouch: Ammo capacity is increased through the clever use of arctic pockets.
  • Harder Ice Pellets: Harder Ice Pellets naturally do more damage.

Never underestimate an Arctic Trooper Zombie! Their primary weapon causes ice-based damage, and is capable of freezing a plant in place, making it impossible for them to escape a follow-up ZPG shot, or any other zombies that happen to be in the area!

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