Team Vanquish Maps Garden Center

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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Official Digital Strategy Guide
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Team Vanquish Maps Garden Center

The local seed market in Suburbia has become one of many hotly contested battlefields in the ever-escalating war between plant and zombie. Split into distinct thirds, the Garden Center map is a highly varied urban environment that combines open streets, narrow alleys, and a park. If the seed market falls to the zombie menace, where will Crazy Dave be able to purchase reinforcements on the cheap?

Points of Interest

The Seed Market

[1] As mentioned before, the seed market makes up much of the middle section of the Garden Center. Overlooking the main street and the surrounding alleys, this building can be used to snipe at enemies in all of the immediately surrounding zones. Getting on the roof can be done via a series of ramps or by using the Foot Soldiers’ Rocket Jump. A set of bridges connect to the seed market rooftop from the smaller structures in the alleys. The rooftop itself has almost nothing in terms of cover, so if enemies start to attack in force, it can get ugly very quickly.

[2] A tunnel runs through the center of the seed market building, which can act as another access to the back alleys and the main street. This can be a decent shortcut, but if you get ambushed while using this tunnel, your only choices will be to fall back the way you came, or charge straight through the enemy.

The Alleys

[3] The alleys wrap around the northern side of the seed market building. Fierce close-quarters battles can erupt here on the ground level.

There are stairways that can take players up to the rooftops of smaller structures [4] that have connecting bridges eventually leading to the seed market rooftop. These areas can also provide good ambush opportunities against players on the ground.

The Main Street

[5] This thoroughfare passes through the middle of the map, connected to the garden park, the seed market, and the warehouse on the west side of the map. There are a number of abandoned vehicles that can be used for cover, but unless you’re using it to approach the park or the warehouse, the main street isn’t the safest place to be. You’re exposed to sniping from both the seed market to the north and the shopping center to the south.

The Shopping Center

[6] Across the main street to the south of the seed market is a small shopping center. The ground level has some good cover to use to protect against attackers on the street and the seed market roof, but the real value of this location are the two tallest sniping posts on the map [7], with excellent sight lines on much of the central portion of the map.

Garden Park

[8] The eastern third of Garden Center consists primarily of a park. The uneven terrain here, along with the various fences and low-lying obstacles, can make for tense cat-and-mouse battles between players. It also makes trying to hold this location extremely difficult, particularly against a coordinated enemy. Complicating things is that there are many approaches that lead into the park, and you’ll have to pay attention to a lot of places at once to avoid getting flanked.

The Warehouse

[9] The warehouse loading dock makes up the western end of the Garden Center. Similar to the park, there are multiple ways for players to gain entry to this area, from both the alleys and the main street. The warehouse area is flatter than the park, and contains more cover for players on the defensive to use, but it is smaller, and potentially easier to get pinned down in.