Learning the language of the Gek, Korvax and Vy'keen alien races in No Man's Sky, or just learning how to deal with them can go a long way. Exploration, combat, and just mindlessly wandering are three of the biggest pieces that make up the puzzle that is No Man’s Sky. As you venture through the various star systems you find, you’re going to come face to face with three very different alien species, the Korvax, the Gek, and the Vy’keen. If you want to make deals with them, and learn more about their history, you’re going to have to know what it takes to deal with them.


The first species many might come across, the Gek, are a reptile-like race that fill their conversations and communications with various aromas to help get their thoughts and feelings across. A lot of their lore paints them as a war-like species, with their interactions mostly revolving around monetary and resource trading. When dealing with them it is best to assume that they are asking for money, or your rarest resources. When given the chance, never give them cheaper resources, as they will scoff at the notion, and turn their nose up to you.


The Vy’keen are a brutal race, who spend much of their time devoted to their species, and the destruction of the other two races in the galaxy. They hold an immensely strong sense of honor and duty, and many of your interactions with them will test your respect of these two traits. They are quick to action, with little thought of negotiations. When dealing with the Vy’keen it is best to assume that each question is a test of your willingness to go along with their beliefs.


The Korvax are an interesting species, to say the least. They are artificial beings who can change and be taken over by a new entity as often as needed. Of course, this leads to them being a bit smug, and feeling ‘above the rest’ as far as they’re concerned. When dealing with the Korvax keep two things in mind: all they care about is how much knowledge you have to share, and how much better they are than you. Keep those two things in mind and you won’t even have any issues during your interactions with this mechanical species.

Learn How They Speak

Each alien race in No Man’s Sky has a different language that you’ll need to learn as much of to help you along your journey. These languages can be learned by talking to NPCs, as well as by interacting with Monoliths, Knowledge Stones, and the various Atlas Interfaces spread across the galaxy. There are plenty of ways to learn new words, but that’s paced well by the sheer amount you need to learn to be able to hold a full conversation with any of the three intelligent life forms that lay scattered across the galaxy.

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