This article covers how to build a hyperdrive, also known as a jumpdrive, in No Man’s Sky. You need a hyperdrive in order to travel from one star system to the next, so it’s a fairly important aspect of No Man’s Sky. However, if you don’t know how to build a hyperdrive you may find yourself wandering about, stuck in your current star system for an extended stay.

It’s worth noting that not everyone’s experience building a hyperdrive will be identical. Some of the finer details may vary, but the steps we have listed here should be fairly similar to anyone playing No Man’s Sky.

Find the Hyperdrive Plans

Once you leave the atmosphere of your starting planet (make sure you name the planet first), you should receive a message about a nearby beacon. Head into space and make your way to the planet or moon where the beacon is located. Before you land, cruise around the world so you get as close to the beacon as possible. Don’t use too much boost or you may end up flying right by the beacon.When you land and walk over to the beacon you’ll meet an alien from the Gek species (they look like lizards). Speak with the Gek to obtain the plans for a hyperdrive.

Build a Hyperdrive

In order to build a hyperdrive you first need to find a Dynamic Resonator and a few common isotopes. Lift off and head back into space. Make your way to the closest space station and head to the merchant or traders to find one that is selling a Dynamic Resonator.

Assemble the hyperdrive in your ship’s inventory to find that you’re probably lacking fuel, a warp cell and antimatter. Check the traders to see if any of the Geks at the space station have antimatter. If you can’t find any on the space station, head back out into space and you’ll get another message from a nearby planet.

Head over to the planet and locate the Gek who messaged you. Speak to the Gek and he’ll give you the antimatter you seek. There’s a chance you may need to trade him Carbon in order to get the antimatter, but that’s a small price to pay. Once you have the antimatter you can complete the hyperdrive and make your way out of the star system to earn Units and find new planets to explore.

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