No Man’s Sky finally received a new update, bringing several new tweaks and additions to the game. New types of game modes, the foundations of base building and even an all new Photo Mode are just a few of the things making their way into the game with the latest patch.

In this article, we’ll dive into the new version and teach you how to take photos using the game’s new Photo Mode.

How to Activate Photo Mode

Before you can start snapping pictures of your favorite landmarks and new bases, you must activate the game’s new Photo Mode. To do this, head into the Pause Menu and scroll all the way over to OPTIONS. From there, look in the EXTRAS area for the Photo Mode setting. Here, you can activate the game’s Photo Mode, which will allow you to take pictures of the game without any kind of HUD elements included.

How to Take Photos in No Man’s Sky

Now that you have the Photo Mode activated, it’s time to find something worth capturing. Unfortunately, No Man’s Sky’s new Photo Mode isn’t as in-depth as the photo modes that we have seen in various games over the past couple of months. Instead of offering up plenty of features and options like filters, all the Photo Mode in No Man’s Sky does is simply remove the HUD. This means you won’t see things like your Health Bar or current Booster charge. On the bright side, though, you’ll be able to take photos of the various landmarks you encounter without the HUD getting in the way. That is, of course, assuming you know how to take images on your chosen platform.

For the PlayStation 4, users have their respective Share button, but if you’re playing the game on PC, you’ll need to rely on other means to take screenshots. If you own the game on Steam, you can natively take screenshots by pressing F12, so long as you have the Steam Overlay active. If you don’t have the overlay active and would prefer another source for screenshots, there are plenty of capture applications available, like DXtory, Fraps, PlayClaw and D3DGear. Most of these are only available if you purchase them, but Fraps does offer a free demo that you can test out for screenshot purposes.

While we wish that No Man’s Sky’s new Photo Mode was more in-depth, we’re happy to see it in the game. There are plenty of wonderful landmarks and animals out there in the universe, and it is nice to have a better way to share our experiences. If you follow the information in this guide, you’ll know how to activate the game’s Photo Mode, and even several ways to take screenshots on PC. You can return to our No Man’s Sky walkthrough for more help and tips.