Capcom's coming out to next month's Tokyo Game Show in spades.

The event, which takes place from September 20-23, will house the first public opportunity to play the company's upcoming Monster Hunter 4, which is coming to Nintendo 3DS early next year.  Fans will be able to take on a slew of all new beasts, as well as upgrades and weapons that will make them more of an efficient monster hunter.  Because weapons do make the killer, don't they?

In addition, the company will also be bringing a number of its other anticipated titles to the event, including EX Troopers, Lost Planet 3, DMC: Devil May Cry and Resident Evil 6.  Though there aren't any surprises in there, there's still time for them to announce a thing or two that we haven't seen yet.

We'll have a preview of Monster Hunter 4 in the months ahead as we get an opportunity to go hands-on with it.  Be sure to check back for more info, leading into the game's early 2013 release.  Time to form a battle party…