Capcom dropped a bit of a bombshell for Nintendo owners today, doubling their pleasure by announcing a new Monster Hunter game for both of their current-gen systems.


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be making its debut next March worldwide, including the U.S., and will arrive for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The touch-screen for both platforms will let you access tools within the game with ease, including maps, books, weapons and mini-games, and you'll be able to exchange guild cards with your buddies via StreetPass and Nintendo Network if you're in a sharing mood. You'll also be able to team up with friends in the 3DS version with up to four players in local action. (Multiplayer hasn't been confirmed for the Wii U version yet, but it's almost bound to happen.)


Best of all, you can interchange data between the two versions with ease, passing along save data and continuing your adventure.


We'll have a preview for you in the months ahead, leading into the game's release next year. Time to sharpen that sword…