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###Manipulation with Infiltration

One of the best strategies one can deploy in Mass Effect 2 is with the Infiltrator class. I call it: Manipulation with Infiltration. With a balanced crew and some know-how, there aren't many ways for the Collectors to truly destroy Shepard.

Personally, I feel Miranda and Garrus contribute the most to the Infiltrator, at least with the strategies used below. Between the trio, they leave an enemy's protection vulnerable due to multiple heavy hitting biotic and tech powers, not to mention high level versions of them.

Shepard alone can use a beefed up Incinerate and take down just about any defense with fairly substantial damage and the ammo powers available to the group only help in slowing the enemy down even further.

Though an Infiltrator should always try to avoid melee combat, a combination of the right armor and tech upgrades can help balance the field, making one-or-two punch deaths very attainable and extremely useful because of the distance that is preferable with this style.

If things do however get nasty, there's always the Tactical Cloak. Using it will make you virtually invisible for several seconds, allowing you to find proper cover so you can lay low until your health recovers. At higher levels, your attacks are even more efficient while Cloaked which gives even more leverage to Commander Shepard and his gang.

While those tactics are nice and fairly obvious, a huge perk to the class is the AI Hacking; it renders a synthetic enemy helpless to your will and forces them to attack their own allies for a short time. Upgrade it and you can even hack more than one.

Wear down the shields and armor of a YMIR and you can even hack it to attack its allies. Not to mention if the mech under your control is the last one standing, a few rounds into its unsuspecting head ends the fight. And as useful as AI Hacking becomes with the whole galaxy constantly dropping mechs, an additional skill I personally use is the bonus power Dominate to not only have leverage against synthetics, but also organic enemies.

At your best, you can completely manipulate the battlefield into a war you only have to watch as your enemies tear eachother apart. The guns the Infiltrator can wield also aid in the battles as you can hit them with power using the Heavy Pistol, wear them down using the SMG, and pluck them off from a distance using the sniper rifle.

During most play-throughs using the Manipulation with Infiltration tactic, I rarely died and had to start over, even against the strongest Collectors, Gun-Ships, and even the Human-Reaper Larva. With Garrus and Miranda on Shepard's side, a Heavy Overload wiped most any Shield or normal mech; A Warp and Incinerate from Miranda and Shepard torched any armor in its way; with a well aimed Concussive Shot, Garrus could tear through any Barrier leaving all non-husk enemies in Shepard's palms.

Near the end (and sometimes right from the start) of the battles, the crew could simply crouch and let the Commander bend the will of any unprotected enemy, leaving them all fighting for their lives as their allies attack each other.

Though the villains walked into the fire-fights confident, they crawled out confused, helpless, and.. well.. dead. With this strategy, Shepard's enemies don't stand a chance. Not even the Reapers.

Manipulation with Infiltration Derrek Jensen

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