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While every class is fun in its own unique way, (I've played through everything but Soldier at this point) I always have a good time playing as an Infiltrator. If you're going down that path, I hope this guide proves helpful.

Now, I know you went into Mass Effect hoping to throw crap all over the place with biotics and basically raise hell across the galaxy like some sort of telekinetic Chuck Norris, but there are other ways to glory. The Infiltrator is a great class for any beginners to ME, but can prove very fun for regulars as well.

As with most classes in ME, cover is key to playing the Infiltrator effectively. Stay in cover, and only leave cover when you're under siege and you need to get to more cover. Did I mention how important cover is?

As an Infiltrator, your best friend is your Sniper Rifle, and your arch enemy: the bad guy's head. You can unload a massive amount of damage with targeted shots. This may seem difficult, especially with those bad guys refusing to stand still and let you dome them. (Rude, I know). This is where your team comes in to play. If you have a biotic, (which you really should, they are the jelly to the Infiltrator's peanut butter) you can use them to lift or pull the baddies, freeing them up for some delicious slugging. This will be enough to take down most light foes, but you may find yourself in hairy situations where it will not be so simple to dispatch the Reaper forces.

If things do get intense, the Infiltrator has a handy "getmethehelloutofhere" button, what the game refers to as a cloaking field. Anyone currently beating on you will cease, and wander off to thrash one of your teammates. But that's okay, they're expendable, (in the sense that the game is not over when they fall). It's a harsh deal, but a good commander must make sacrifices to save his/her own skin. You're doing the right thing.

Once the cloak is activated, your first priority should be to find cover ASAP, and as far from the action as possible. Let your shields recharge, and continue to hammer away with your rifle. By the time the enemies start shambling back toward you, (because you're so popular), your cloak should be close to recharging. Avoid damage until it does, and then hit it when you want to be left alone. (They probably just want an autograph, you're freaking Shepard, after all.)

It's important when playing as an Infiltrator to use your teammates as patsies. If you're all alone, the cloak isn't going to work very well. The enemies will just wait patiently for your return and resume beating the everloving crap out of you. Don't count on that sniper rifle on the move, it's a risky bet. Make sure you keep your squad alive. (They can take a few hits, they're tough. Hell, remember when Garrus took a missile to the face? That was awesome)

But I digress. The Infiltrator may just be the class for you. Follow this guide for the basic tips, and before you know it, you may even be developing strategies of your own.

Good luck out there.

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    Just FYI, Chuck Norris does not have (or need) telepathy

    Oct. 22, 2013, 12:30 p.m.
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