Madden NFL 17

Madden NFL 17 Playbook Pack

Madden NFL 17 Playbook Pack

Includes ALL Digital Products! Get the eGuide, Defensive Playbook, and Offensive Playbook in this budget-friendly bundle.

Develop a dominant defense by following the game-tested tactics in the Defensive Playbook. Everyone knows that defense wins championships! Pressure the offense from all angles without guessing if your defensive setup works. Learn how to stop the run, get more sacks, and intercept more passes.

Play more efficiently and score more points with video breakdowns in the Offensive Playbook. We spent hour after hour dissecting every play in Madden NFL 17. Learn the winning schemes from our favorite playbook; it makes it simple to read defenses and score lots of points.

Learn the best Madden NFL 17 strategies from two trusted EA SPORTS Game Changers with the Complete eGuide. Our experts take you through a guided tour of what’s new in Madden NFL 17. The eGuide also includes a free Top 17 Plays in Madden NFL 17 Bonus Video.