TOP 5 Lists in MUT TOP 5 Tight End Items in MUT

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TOP 5 Lists in MUT TOP 5 Tight End Items in MUT

Tight ends have become versatile weapons for offenses, especially in MUT. With the ability to adopt and play any style, TEs give your team great flexibility. Many tight ends are great in the run game as blockers, while others have speed for the passing game. The best items have both these abilities along with great size to give QBs a safe target. Figure out how a great TE can fit into your scheme and give your offense a boost.

Jason Witten, OVR 86

Key Ratings: 92 Catch, 90 Catch in Traffic

Jason Witten is a veteran tight end whom you can count on in your lineup. While he may not rack up too many yards after the catch, he will consistently haul in passes over the middle. Use him as a safety valve on third down because of his high Catch in Traffic rating.

  • Witten may not quite have the speed, but his reliability on tough catches makes him very valuable.

Jordan Cameron, OVR 86

Key Ratings: 85 Speed, 92 Spectacular Catch

Jordan Cameron exploded onto the scene last season and will be a great option for MUT offenses. Some players may look for a more familiar name, but Cameron has the same size and speed as the top players at his position. With the ability to make amazing catches, Cameron will be in the best players’ lineups quickly.

  • Jordan Cameron is one of the best athletes at the TE position due to his blend of size and speed.

Vernon Davis, OVR 87

Key Ratings: 90 Speed, 84 Catch

Vernon Davis is the perfect option for teams that want to stretch the passing game in the seams. Davis has plenty of speed to get vertical and can’t be covered by just a linebacker. Get Davis the ball in space, where he can be great after the catch. Partner him with a QB who has solid throwing power.

  • There is hardly a linebacker in all of Ultimate Team who has the speed to run with Vernon Davis.

Jimmy Graham, OVR 89

Key Ratings: 85 Speed, 92 Catch in Traffic

Jimmy Graham is the best overall receiving TE in MUT. With the ability to line up at TE or split out wide at WR, Graham will most likely be mismatched against his defender. If you like to use an offense that targets downfield throws, go for Graham. He is too fast for most LBs and too big for most secondaries!

  • Select formations where Graham is split out wide at the WR position, as this can help get a mismatch.

Rob Gronkowski, OVR 89

Key Ratings: 84 Speed, 94 Catch in Traffic

Rob Gronkowski is the best all-around TE in MUT. Because of his great size, Gronk is a reliable target who can hang onto passes over the middle of the field. Don’t worry if he looks covered—he has a 94 CIT rating. Gronk is also a great option in the run-blocking game if you like a run-heavy style.

  • Target Gronkowski in the red zone, because his size allows him to catch the ball even if he is partially covered!