Madden Ultimate Team What Is Madden Ultimate Team?

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Madden Ultimate Team What Is Madden Ultimate Team?

Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) is a free-to-play game mode that combines player trading items with on-the-field Madden NFL gameplay. MUT allows you to earn, buy, auction, and trade players to build the team of your dreams. The mode is loaded with player items that include not only the game’s current superstars but also past NFL legends. In Ultimate Team mode you put together a team that fits any style or mold you want and then compete against other players or take on the computer in solo challenges. MUT is a “live” game mode that is constantly being updated with new items and challenges related to the NFL season. With live auctions and a real marketplace to work with, MUT has been the fastest-growing mode in Madden NFL over the last few seasons.

Ultimate Team Checklist

Start Your Team

Complete Sets

Set Your Lineup

Use Trade Block

Try the New Item Binder

Use Auction Block

Play Solo Challenges

Adjust Styles

Play Head-to-Head Seasons

Build Your Ultimate Lineup

Earn Coins

Getting Started

From the main menu, select the Ultimate Team panel to get started building your team. A brand-new Objectives screen will guide you through your first five steps. Get these done quickly, because you will get a nice coin reward and some content to unlock.

Choose Uniform

Change Team Lineup

Choose Style

Play a Solo Challenge

Open Welcome Pack

Solo Challenges

Once your team lineup is set, head over to the Play tab to try a solo challenge. These are sequences of games that are played against the computer and provide rewards. They become increasingly difficult, but your team will also be improving. Many solo challenges provide coins as rewards, but others provide exclusive items. The many different types of solo challenges have their own requirements. Some require a certain style type, while others require a completed collection. Since the game is always being updated with fresh content, check back for limited-time solo challenges like special seasonal games.

  • By using the accelerated clock feature, you can complete more solo challenges in less time.

Head-to-Head Seasons

If you would rather take on a human opponent instead of the CPU, try head-to-head seasons to begin your championship career. This mode will match you up with another MUT player of similar team and player skill. Each game you play during the season schedule has specific goals and rewards. You will start out at the “rookie 2nd string” level for a 10-game season. If you win enough games, not only will you climb into a higher division, but you will make it into the postseason. The postseason offers even bigger rewards; however, one loss and you are out! If you achieve five wins in your first season, you will be promoted to a tougher level. MUT will keep track of your season history, where you can view current record, overall record, playoff appearances, and championships won. At higher levels, you will earn coins for achievements like avoiding demotion, earning a playoff berth, and securing a first-round bye.

• Rookie 2nd String: 3,000 Coins

• Rookie 1st String: 3,250 Coins

• Pro 2nd String: 3,500 Coins, 1 Pack

• Pro 1st String: 3,750 Coins, 1 Pack

• All-Pro 2nd String: 3,750 Coins 1 Pack

• All-Pro 1st String: 4,000 Coins, 1 Pack

• All-Madden 2nd String: 4,000 Coins, 1 Pack

• All-Madden 1st String: 4,500 Coins, 1 Pack

  • The higher you climb in head-to-head seasons, the bigger the rewards.

Managing Your Lineup

With a newly overhauled interface, it is easier than ever to manage your all your MUT items. Under the Team tab, you will be able to adjust your lineup, change coaches and equipment, and manage your team. In the Team Management screen, you can add contracts to players, change your team style, or generate a new lineup.

If you want to view your current roster, select the Adjust Lineup tile from the Team tab. You can view your entire offense, defense, or special teams on the screen at once. This is much improved from last season and will allow you to set a lineup quicker. When switching out a player, you can now see all eligible items to replace it and even get a stats comparison. This is huge for choosing which player to start based on the style you are going to play with.

  • Make sure to set your backups properly—they will see time on special teams and if your starters get low on stamina.

Item Binder

If you want to easily view all the items you own, take a look at the Item Binder on the Items page. This stores all your items and allows you to perform tons of actions, like promoting an item to your lineup or sending it to the auction house. Many players had trouble managing all their reserves last season, but now it is easier than ever due to filters. On the left-hand side, you can narrow your search down to a specific item so you don’t have to sort through everything.


Type is the most general filter; it gives you large options like “all offense,” which shows all offensive players, or you can narrow it down to item categories like stadiums, uniforms, playbooks, etc.


Filtering by the quality of an item will also help narrow it down. There are four quality levels in MUT: bronze, silver, gold, and elite. You can also sort by rating at this screen. This is extremely helpful when looking for different versions of the same player.


Sorting by team is a great way not to just narrow down players, but to narrow down stadiums, playbooks, and uniforms. This also helps if you are looking for a legend who may have played on multiple teams.


Sorting based on styles makes it very easy to build a specific team type. If you are looking to create a pass-rush team to take on a solo challenge, you can view all the items that fit this style very quickly and add them via the Item Binder.


As MUT adds new content over the course of the season, items usually arrive in some type of “program,” such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Legends, and Team of the Week programs that create some very special items.

Item Viewer

Once you locate the item you want, you can select it to bring up an extended view. From here, you can view the card in detail and perform actions. Use this screen to:

• Compare Against Similar Items

• Promote to Starter

• Extend Contracts

• Add to Sets

• Auction

• Trade

• Quick-Sell

• You can also navigate to other tabs on the Item Viewer screen. You can see information like player ratings, contracts remaining, style, date acquired, and full attributes, including vs. league averages!

  • New sets are added all the time, so be careful before discarding items you think you no longer need.


One of the biggest aspects of Ultimate Team is collecting items. Formerly grouped as “collections,” eligible items are now placed into “sets” to earn rewards. Set rewards can be anything from coins to items that are earned when you add and complete everything in a set.

As you inspect the items required to complete a set, the ones you can use will be highlighted. Fill in all the blanks to complete the collection and claim your reward. Sets are always being updated throughout the year, so any items that didn’t seem to have a purpose may become valuable later in the season.

  • If you don’t have an item needed to complete a set, a Find Item icon will appear in the binder, which will take you right to the item in the auction house to bid.
  • You can sell items at the auction house to earn coins.
  • By clicking (Xbox) or (PS), you can reset all the filters quickly.
  • Stay tuned to the Live panel when you log in to see what programs are active or coming up next.


  • It never hurts to save some packs for when a new program goes live.

If you are looking to pick up packs without spending in-game coins, you can select the Store and buy items or packs. Opening new packs is a fun way to go hunting for new items that have been eluding you due to a lack of coins. You might even find a rare player that you don’t need and put him up on the auction block. You can buy points that will allow you to purchase packs—the bigger the bundle the more points you save.

  • Checking the price of an item you are about to post is a key way to get market value.


The auction house allows players to search active auctions to find items to buy or to bid on. If you have already placed an offer or posted an item, you can view those in My Bids or My Posted Auctions. If you are patient and notice trends, auctions are a great way to earn coins or get new items to build your team.

  • Bidding on an auction that is running low on time will now place time back on the clock to give everyone a chance!
  • Consider selling your old starters on the auction house as you acquire higher-rated players.

Trade Block

If you are looking for a specific item in return rather than coins, the trade block is the place to be. The trade block allows you to post a specific item from your collection and specify what you would like in return. You can also search for an item if you don’t have enough coins to buy it at the auction house and offer something from your collection.

  • Trade notifications will appear on your social notifications—try to respond quickly.

Team Styles

  • Focus on talent first and style second; you can always adapt it later.

This season, what was called “chemistry” is now known as “styles.” There are four styles each on offense and defense, and each of them will give your team different boosts. The higher your chemistry is, the more boosts you receive from your team styles. Generally, the better an item category, the more chemistry it will add to your team. While most players spread out the boosts on offense and defense, some go with all of them on one side of the ball. This really depends on the style that you want to play and the current items on your roster.

  • Remember; players must be in their proper position to give the team a chemistry boost!

Offensive Styles

• Short Pass style boosts Catch in Traffic and Pass Blocking.

• Long Pass style boosts Route Running and Pass Blocking.

• Ground and Pound style boosts Trucking Run Blocking.

• Speed Run style boosts Elusiveness and Run Blocking.

Defensive Styles

• Zone Defense style boosts Play Recognition and Zone Coverage.

• Man Defense style boost Play Recognition and Man Coverage.

• Pass Rush style boosts Pursuit and Block Shedding.

• Run Stuff style boosts Tackling and Block Shedding.

  • By earning just a bronze in a Skills Trainer category, you will unlock rewards for MUT!