In a move that could very well be the most earth-shaking in the company’s history, a report indicates that John Riccitiello, the CEO of Electronic Arts, could soon be stepping down.  So who would be going in his place?  Would you believe…Peter Moore?

According to a story reported by GameFront, Riccitiello could very well be stepping down due to the company’s diving stock prices, along with a “general feeling of tension” following EA’s first quarter earnings call on July 30.  With the step-down, Moore, who’s working currently as the company’s Chief Operating Officer, would try to remedy these problems.

Moore first joined the company years ago, after serving as the president of Sega of America and working with the Microsoft team for several years.  He’s been a huge figurehead in the company, and vital to the success of several of its features, including support for free-to-play games and the online pass option that Riccitiello first introduced.

We’ll see what happens in the days ahead, but here’s hoping a prominent future for Moore if he is put in charge.