These Puzzles Are a Nightmare!


In this super-detailed walkthrough, we show you how to navigate through the crazy puzzles in Little Nightmares, The Residence DLC.  This is by far the most mind-twisting experience you will encounter in many-a-game.  But don’t be frightened… we’re here to help.

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The final level of the Little Nightmares DLC, The Residence, is arguably the hardest of the three DLC levels included in Secrets of the Maw. In this walkthrough of The Residence, we’ll cover how to solve every puzzle and collect all five Flotsam bottles along the way. So sit back and get ready to have many of your questions answered in this Little Nightmares The Residence DLC walkthrough.

As soon as the Little Nightmares DLC, The Residence, begins you have get stuck in the first room. Fear not, all you need to do is climb up the left side of the room, then jump over to the hook hanging from above. You can then use the hook to swing to the right and jump over to the small opening near the top of the screen.

Continue through the small crack in the foreground of the next room (on the right). If you head left from the adjacent room, you’ll find yourself near the doorway to the Geisha’s room from the main game. Unfortunately you can’t make your way in there, and there’s nothing else of interest here at the moment, so head right and into the next room.

In the next room you’ll find two hallways in the background, and unlike previous adventures in the Little Nightmares world, you can actually move into the background and walk down these hallways. The first hallways holds nothing of interest, but the second hallway (a bit farther to the right) has a table and chair at the end.

Climb onto the chair and make your way to the table, then jump to grab the cord hanging from the lamp. This turns on the lamp so you can see better. Climb up the bookshelf in the background to find the first Flotsam bottle at the top.

Little Nightmares DLC The Residence

Head back to the main room and continue to the right. The Geisha is waiting in the next room, so be careful how you approach. Slowly move into the room where the Geisha waits, then move into the foreground and slowly walk across the room to the right. As long as you don’t make too much noise you won’t have to worry about the Geisha turning around.

There’s a puzzle in the room to the right, but you can’t solve it just yet, so go ahead and make your way up the stairs to the second floor. There’s a puzzle in the room to the left, but before you head in there, grab the ladder in the background near the top of the stairs and move it to the right so it’s clear of the guard rail at the top.

Climb up the ladder and into the room above. There’s a globe-like structure in the middle of the room and a lever on the wall to the left. Head over to the lever, jump up and turn it on to activate the globe. There’s a button at the bottom of the globe, with a lever to the right of the button. The lever has three notches: left, right and center. Each notch controls a different portion of the globe.

Attached to the globe are three spotlights, and each time you press the button at the bottom of the globe, the spotlights rotate to a different position. To solve the puzzle here you need to position all three spotlights so that they hit the three eyes on the ceiling of the room, in the background. To do this you need to press the button until a spotlight is on one of the eyes, then change the position of the lever and continue to press the button until another spotlight is lined up.

  • Right Position - 3 Clicks
  • Middle Position - 1 Click
  • Left Position - 3 Clicks

Once all three spotlights are on the three eyes on the ceiling, move over to the doorway on the far right and it will open for you. In the next room there are a bevy of portraits on the back wall. These correspond to the individual portraits in the next room to the right. To solve this puzzle you need to press the buttons under specific portraits to turn on the light for each one.

If you want to figure this out for yourself, you need to turn on the lights for the portraits that appear in the previous room. If they don’t have a portrait in the previous room, don’t activate their light. For those that want a quick solution, starting on the far left turn on the second, third, fourth, sixth and eighth portraits. Active those lights and the door to the right will open.

Little Nightmares DLC The Residence

The next room has a small statue on the platform in the middle of the room. However, if you move it you will set off a trap. Before you do that, head all the way to the right and crawl through the small hole in the wall near the foreground. In the small room to the right there’s another Flotsam bottle as well as a piece of fruit. Collect the Flotsam bottle, then head back into the previous room.

Little Nightmares DLC The Residence

When you pick up the statue, the eye in the background will open and turn anyone in its gaze to stone. To avoid this you need to grab the statue and immediately drop in front of the platform it sits on. The platform should be between you and the eye so that it blocks the light. The eye will start moving the light left and right as it searches for you. As soon as it moves right, run (don’t walk) to the pillar on the left, near the entrance to the room. You need to stand in the shadow of the pillar to avoid the light.

Once the light passes back to the right again, use the statue to hit the button on the left of the door. This opens the door, but don’t go through yet. The light won’t stay on the right side of the room for long, so you don’t have much time. When the light returns to the right side of the room, pick up the statue off the floor and continue through the doorway.

Head back into the main room with the globe and access the elevator in the foreground on the right side of the room. This serves as a shortcut so you don’t have to use the ladder anymore. Head down the stairs and into the room on the far right. Place the statue on the triangular etching in the floor on the left side of the room. When placed correctly the floor will raise and the statue will be on a pedestal.

Little Nightmares DLC The Residence

Now head back up the first flight of stairs (but not up the ladder or the lift) and make your way into the room on the far right. You’ll notice another ladder here, as well as a few books on the floor. On the right side of the room there are three open spots on the bottom level of the bookshelves, two in the background near the left side, and one that’s harder to see on the far right side of the room near the foreground. If you use your flashlight you can see the holes a bit easier.

If you pay close attention you’ll notice that the books on either side of the holes form a pattern. Two of the books on the floor match the patterns of these books. You need to place one of the books on the floor in the hole on the left, and one in the hole on the far right. The book required for the third hole (the one in the middle), is located on the top of the bookshelves. Move back over to the left side of the room and push the ladder to the left so you can climb to the top. Crawl around the top until you get to the book near the middle of the room. Grab the book and drop down (don’t worry, you won’t die so long as you don't jump -- just fall), then slide the book into the middle hole in the background on the right side of the room.




Once all three books have been placed, the bookshelf to the far right will unlock and open slightly. You can now push the bookshelf to reveal a room to the right. Collect the wooden statue on the table in the hidden room and run all the way to the far left side of the floor (past the staircase). In this small room there’s another statue on the floor that looks identical to the wooden statue you’re holding.

When you remove the real statue, the ceiling will start to move down. You need to place the wooden statue in the same spot in order to stop the ceiling. With the real statue in-hand, head back downstairs and into the room on the far right again. Place this statue on the floor to the right, where there’s a small square groove. The lights will flicker and the statue will rise.

Little Nightmares DLC The Residence

At this point the Geisha has moved and the lights around the stairs will be off. Make your way to the far left and into the room where you previously saw the Geisha. Turn on your flashlight and use the Right Analog Stick to point it at the specter enemy standing in the Geisha’s previous position. Keep the light on the specter until it turns to dust. As soon as that happens, quickly look to the right to see another specter appearing down the hall. Take it out as quickly as possible before the third and final specter appears to your left.

Once all three specters have been take down, climb up the furniture to the left of where the Geisha was originally standing and collect the key. Head upstairs and take the lift to reach the top floor. Move to the far left and use the key to unlock the door. Move toward the foreground to find another Flotsam bottle sitting at the end of the hall.

Little Nightmares DLC The Residence

Go back to the door, but head left to move into the adjacent room. There are more specters here and they will keep on coming at you so do your best to move to the left side of the room as you shine your light on any specters that get close. When you reach the left side, make sure you’re taken care of any specters that may be following you, then move the chair over to the door so you can reach the lever and open the door.

There are several move specters in the next room, as well as holes in the floor. Move slowly through the room, avoiding the holes in the floor and taking down the specters as you see them. Climb up the ladder on the far left side of the room, then move through the bookshelf and into the adjacent room.

Head to the far left and use the bookshelf to climb into the foreground. There’s a narrow shelf that will allow you to climb into the foreground so you can reach the plank that runs across to the far side of the room. When you reach the far side, jump toward the background and onto the ladder, then climb down to the floor below.

In the room to the right there are several more specters and a wheel lever in the middle of the room. When you turn the wheel, the portrait of a staircase on the right wall will lower. Clear the initial batch of specters, then start turning the wheel. As you turn more specters will appear. Don’t worry about lowering the portrait all the way. You only need to get it low enough so you can jump and grab the top to pull yourself over. While you may have to stop turning to shine a light on the specters, it shouldn’t take more than two attempts before you can get the portrait low enough.

Once the portrait has been lowered, let go of the wheel, and run (don’t walk) to the right. Dodge the specters as best you can, but you don’t have time to take them out with the flashlight and still make it to the portrait before it being to rise again. Jump over to the portrait and lift yourself to the top so you can reach the room to the right.

There’s a piano in the next room and an oval-shaped table top to the right. Grab the handle on the side of the table and let go to lift the lid and reveal a statue. Climb up and grab the statue, then jump back down to the floor. Run back and forth along the piano keys until the painting in the background rises to reveal another Flotsam bottle behind it.

Little Nightmares DLC The Residence

Collect the Flotsam bottle then jump on the table and grab the lamp on the wall to the right. This opens the door so you can continue on your way. Grab the statue and head to the right to find that you’re pretty close to the main staircase again. Continue through the room and down the staircase, then into the room on the right when you reach the bottom floor. Place the final statue on the circular slot on the floor to open the door to the right.

Little Nightmares DLC The Residence

Continue to move to the right until you encounter the Geisha again. You finally get to see her without her mask on, at which point she freaks out and all the lights go off. Use your flashlight and head as far to the right as you can, then look in the foreground to see the final Flotsam bottle sitting in the corner.

Little Nightmares DLC The Residence

Now that you’ve collected everything, head back to the left until you reach the first hallway, then more into the foreground until you get to another door that allows you to move back to the right. The Geisha awaits in the background of this room, and you will discover the fate of a certain creature that lurks within the Maw.

When you come to head through the small crack to the right and drop down to the path below. Jump over to the hanging cart, then make your way to the far left and into the room with the sleeping people. Drop through the hole in the floor, then move through the hole in the left wall, near the foreground of the room below.

Congratulations. You have completed the Secrets of the Maw Little Nightmares DLC. If you wish to play through the game again, you’ll find a complete walkthrough in our Little Nightmares game hub!