Life is Strange 2 is scheduled to release later this year, according to an announcement today by Square Enix and developer Dontnod Entertainment. Life is Strange 2 will release on September 27 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Like the original game, Life is Strange 2 will be parsed into five episodes, each releasing in sequence at later dates. The September release date pertains to only the first episode of Life is Strange 2.

Nothing else is really known about the upcoming sequel, such as where it takes place or which characters will be in the game. However, according to the description on the release date trailer, additional information about Life is Strange 2 will be revealed in August.

If you already played the first game and need something to hold you over until then, you may want to check out The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, which releases for free on June 26. Also developed by Dontnod, Captain Spirit takes place three years after the events of Life is Strange and follows a young boy named Chris, who seemingly believes he is a superhero.

Although Captain Spirit is a standalone demo, the game is linked to the story and characters in Life is Strange 2, according to the description on the Captain Spirit Steam page. “Some choices and actions will link to your Life is Strange 2 experience,” the page reads. 

With that in mind, Captain Spirit will likely be a great way to prepare yourself for the second installment of Life is Strange. You can check out the trailer for The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit above.