Walkthrough: Movie 1 Level 01: Raptor Transfer

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Walkthrough: Movie 1 Level 01: Raptor Transfer

Icons Characters
Robert Muldoon
Jophery Brown
Icons Unlocks
Dino Handler Vic
Gold Brick Challenges
Name Mode Notes
Level Complete Any Complete the level.
True Survivor Any Collect 17,000 studs.
Fossil Piece A Any Collect the first raptor fossil piece.
Fossil Piece B Any Collect the second raptor fossil piece.
Minikit Free Play Collect the Minikit.

Get Up to the Raptor Pen

Robert Muldoon and Jophery Brown are stuck on a lower level and need to find a way up to the raptor pen. Walk to the right and break up a generator into a pile of bricks. Then assemble the hopping bricks into another generator along the wall.

Switch to Jophery Brown and use his stun rod to kick-start the generator. Once the generator is running, a ladder descends. When you’re ready to continue, climb the ladder.

Release the Raptor into the Pen

At the upper level, select Robert Muldoon and grab a map near the ladder. He has the ability to track footprints. Follow the prints to uncover a pile of bricks. Then assemble the bricks to build part of a checkered floor for the raptor cage.

Some tiles are still missing from the checkered floor, so use Muldoon’s rifle and take aim at the target on the raptor pen’s left side. When you hit it, more bricks are dropped. Assemble them to finish the checkered floor.

Walk into the raptor cage to push it along the checkered floor toward the pen. It will slide right into position. However, the job is not yet complete. As Muldoon, walk to the access panel on the pen’s left side. While using the panel, a series of colored codes appear. Enter the three colored codes in the same order to activate the panel.

Finally, you need to charge the generator on top of the cage in order to open the gate into the pen. Switch to Jophery Brown. Climb the ladder on the cage’s side and use his stun rod on the generator to open the gate. Once this is done, the raptor in the cage moves into the raptor pen to complete the level.



A Minikit is available on this level during Free Play. Near the fenced area to the raptor pen’s left, select a character with bolt cutters. Use them to cut the lock to access the fenced area. Next, switch to a character with the ability to rummage through droppings. Inside a large pile of dino droppings, find the Minikit for the Ankylosaurus Head.

Fossil Piece A

In the first three levels, you collect a total of six fossils so you can view the Velociraptor in the Holoscape. To get the first fossil, use Robert Muldoon and shoot the target on the raptor pen’s right side. Once you hit it, the fossil piece falls to the ground. Plus, you unlock the Dino Handler Vic character. Note: Pushing the raptor cage against the wall before shooting the target prevents you from collecting this fossil piece.

Fossil Piece B

The second Velociraptor fossil is acquired by charging three light generators using Jophery Brown. The first generator is at the lower level’s far right side. The other two are on the upper level, to the left and right of the raptor pen. When you charge the third generator, the fossil appears.

Hub Visit

After completing the raptor Transfer level, you are taken to the Innovation Center which serves as the game’s main hub. Here you have access to three new characters: Gray Mitchell, Zach Mitchell, and Zara. There are many things you can do here; however, the main function is to allow access to different levels of the game. The door to the Jurassic Park levels is already unlocked, along with the door to the Jurassic World levels. Earn more Gold Bricks to open the doors to the other two movies’ levels.

Head through the Jurassic Park door to continue with those levels. At the Jurassic Park hub’s first zone, break apart a generator and assemble the bricks into a level access terminal. You can use this terminal to select levels. By completing the raptor Pen level, you have now unlocked The Dig Site level.