Characters & Vehicles Character Abilities

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Characters & Vehicles Character Abilities

Almost every character in the game has at least one special ability that provides added value. Here’s a quick rundown of the abilities available in LEGO Jurassic World.


Solve equation puzzles written on whiteboards to reveal useful items.

Agile (Female)

Female characters can leap higher than their male counterparts. They can also use special pink/blue agility objects to reach new areas.

Bolt Cutters

Characters with bolt cutters can slice through special LEGO padlocks and chains.


Paleontologists can use their expert knowledge of dino anatomy to reassemble piles of bones.

Buddy Boost

Characters can boost up a buddy to a higher area from a “boost pad.”Small characters cannot be the booster.


Characters with this stealth skill can sneak past dinosaurs and security systems.


Scale walls with LEGO handholds to reach new areas.


Crowbar skills let characters break into otherwise inaccessible areas.


Diggers can dig in stud piles to unearth new objects.

Droppings Rummage

Some folks are willing to dig through piles of dinosaur droppings to find important items and clues.

Electric Charge

Expertise with electric stun-rods lets characters “jumpstart” or power up broken electrical objects or LEGO generators.

Electric Rifle

Characters with these ranged weapons can shoot electric switch targets.


Billy Brennan can jump and deploy his parachute to glide short distances across otherwise impassable gaps.


Characters can toss grappling hooks at special “grapple plugs” and pull down objects or climb the attached rope.

Grow Plant

Plant experts called botanists can grow plants quickly.


Hackers can access special LEGO computer terminals to manipulate nearby objects.


Some characters can illuminate dark areas. Ian Malcolm uses flares; Timmy Murphy uses night-vision goggles; Zach Mitchell uses a torch.

InGen Access

Jurassic Park staff can use InGen security clearance panels to access special areas of the park.

Jurassic World Access

Jurassic World staff can use Jurassic World access panels to open special areas of the new park.


Characters with cameras can take photos at designated photo-spots. The flash can also stun dinosaurs.


Certain handy characters use their tools to fix broken LEGO objects.

Rope/Vine Cutter

Characters with blades can slice through ropes and plant vines. Grant uses his Raptor Claw; Owen uses his knife.


Certain high-level Jurassic World employees carry scanners that can interact with sensor panels to reveal important LEGO objects.


Several female characters can scream at a high enough pitch to shatter LEGO glass.


Get bounced by a buddy to a higher area or over a barrier. One character steps onto the seesaw first then a buddy jumps on to create the bounce. Small characters cannot use this ability.


Characters with rifles or other ranged weapons (such as Lex Murphy’s baseball) can hit LEGO bull’s-eyes, switches, or other targets.

Small Access Small characters can crawl into vents, hatches, and other access chutes to emerge in new locations.
Tracker Hunters can use tracking objects to track footprints that lead to clues or hidden objects.
T. rex Scent Eric Kirby can toss jars that scare away Compsognathus packs.