Level 1: Pursuers in the Sewers Objective 1: Get through the Sewers

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Level 1: Pursuers in the Sewers Objective 1: Get through the Sewers

The sewers serve as Killer Croc’s stomping grounds, and the menace has built a massive wall of junk to keep out unwanted pests. You’ve got to break through that blockade! Begin by standing in the circle and pressing the Interact button to grapple up to the background ledges. Hop over to a lever and pull it to drain the nearby water.

Draining the water exposes a large, brown crate. Smash it, and all of the other brown crates in the area, to discover some hopping LEGO bricks. Stand in the hopping bricks, then press and hold the Interact button to build them into a curious contraption.

Hazard Suit Action

Tag to Robin and collect the Token in front of the contraption. Nice work—you’ve just obtained Robin’s Hazard Suit! Destroy the various carts and crates in the area to scatter 25 red, yellow, and green LEGO parts around, then hold the Attack button to fire up Robin’s Hazard Suit and suck up all 25 LEGO parts, storing them for later use.

When Robin’s Hazard Suit shows that he’s carrying 25 LEGO parts, stand before the contraption you built and then press and hold the Interact button. Robin pumps all 25 LEGO parts into the contraption, which crafts them into a giant cannon. Grapple the orange hook on the side of the cannon and keep tapping the Interact button until you pull it off. This fires the cannon, which blows through the blockade.

Sensor Suit Style

Another Suit Token lies beyond the blockade. This one’s for Batman—it’s his Sensor Suit! Tap the Interact button to engage Batman’s senses and detect a hidden orange hook on the nearby wall. Grapple and pull the orange hook out from the wall to expose a big, green LEGO wall. Stand before the wall and press the Interact button to activate Batman’s Sensor Suit again. This time, you use X-ray vision to gaze right through the wall! Align the pipes and then use the Attack button to open up the water flow at far left and far right.

Getting Past the Goo

With water rushing through the pipes, a hatch opens in the nearby wall, flooding the pit on the right. Hop across the floating platforms and advance until a giant heap of toxic goo blocks Batman’s progress. Tag to Robin and use his Hazard Suit to safely trudge through the goo.

Beyond the goo, hold the Attack button and aim at the four yellow valves on the wall. Destroy them all with Robin’s ranged attacks, then target the two remaining wooden planks. Smash everything until you can build the hopping bricks into a mechanism that lowers a ladder for you. Climb the ladder to reach a pair of red buttons. Move Robin onto the left button to shut off the left flame jet below, and tag to Batman and move past. Move Robin onto the other button to shut off the second flame jet, and again tag to Batman, dash past, and climb the ladder, joining the Boy Wonder on high ground.

Smashed Subway

Tag to Batman and descend the ladder that Robin extended before. You’ll be right near the remnants of a shattered subway train. Use Batman’s Sensor Suit to detect an orange hook on the track’s support, then grapple and pull the hook to bring down the train, creating a way forward. Jump onto the fallen train and make your way through the second train. Leap across a gap between the train track and the platform on the right, smash a crate, and build its bricks into a tightrope so that Robin can easily join you.

Tag to Robin and use his Hazard Suit to cross the nearby goo. Pull the lever to wash away the goo for Batman and open two hatches, which you may use as platforms. Hop across the hatches and grapple an orange hook to pull down a ladder.

Catch Sight of Killer Croc

Smash the crates and clutter above the ladder to claim more studs and discover some hopping LEGO bricks near the background gate. Build the bricks into an orange hook, then grapple the hook and tear down the background gate to expose a tunnel. Peering into the tunnel, Batman and Robin catch sight of Killer Croc as he polishes off a tasty morsel and stomps off. He shouldn’t be hard to track now!