Batcave Trophy Room

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Batcave Trophy Room

Pass through the door to the left of the Batcomputer to visit the Batcave’s Trophy Room. Here you can admire all of the trophies that you’ve built by collecting all of the Minikits in each level. More importantly, this is the place to go when you want to purchase the Red Bricks that you’ve discovered in the missions. There are hidden goodies to discover in this spacious chamber, too—see if you can find them all!

Gold Bricks

Gold Brick 1

Smash five hopping sandwich boards around the Trophy Room to discover a Gold Brick. The five boards are all found around the Batmobile. Smash them fast, or you have to start over!

Character Tokens


An oversized chess board catches the eye as you enter the Trophy Room. Smash the pieces around the board to discover bricks, then build a queen and a bishop. This puts the king into checkmate, scoring you a Character Token!

Batman (Zur-En-Arrh)

The Character Token is kept inside a container that’s tough to open. Begin by smashing the objects beneath the stairs near the Red Brick station to discover a button. Step on the button to send power flowing to the container.

Head upstairs and smash the crate near the container that you’re trying to open. Build the bricks that spill out into a lever, then pull it to send more power to the container.

You’re almost there! Go to the right and locate a silver rock on a nearby ledge. Blast it with an explosive attack from a Power or Demolition Suit to expose another lever. Pull the lever to send the final bit of juice to the container.

With all three power supplies activated, the container opens up. That Character Token is as good as yours!

Vehicle Tokens

Batmobile (1989)

Batman’s high-tech tumbler is proudly displayed in the Trophy Room. Smash it and then build its bricks into a more classic ride—the 1989 version of the Batmobile! Collect the Vehicle Token that appears and you unlock this vehicle for use in hub races.


Adam West in Peril!

If you saved Adam West from his perilous predicament in the Batcave’s Main Room, then you can rescue him yet again here in the Trophy Room. Go to the right to discover a set from the classic Batman TV show. Smash the table and chairs near the fireplace to discover some bricks, then build an orange hook that attaches to the nearby candelabra. Grapple and pull the hook afterward to make Adam West pop out of the nearby portrait!