Batcave Main Room

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Batcave Main Room

The Batcave’s Main Room is a huge cavern that’s filled with goodies to find. If this area seems familiar, it’s because you explored it during the second half of Level 2: Breaking BATS! Here you find familiar features like the Batcomputer, which you can use to revisit past missions just like the Justice League Computer. A slideways teleporter also stands near the central platform. Head through to instantly travel to the Watchtower. You also find the Bat-boat dock down by the water.

Gold Bricks

Gold Brick 1

Slap on a Dive Suit (or use any character with the dive ability, such as Killer Croc) and take a dip in the Batcave’s watery depths. Go to the right and smash a collection of five hopping rocks to discover a hidden Gold Brick!

Character Tokens

Batman (Darkest Knight)

Head down to the Batcave’s watery dock and locate a security camera over to the left. A stealth character can simply slip past this camera and claim the Token that it’s guarding (Batman’s Sensor Suit does the trick). You can also use a Lantern character to dig in the nearby dirt mound and discover some bricks that form a lever. Pull the lever to deactivate the security camera, and then claim your prize.

Alfred (1966)

Go down to the Batcave’s dock and go to the right to locate a curious clear pipe. Use the Red Brick Extra Mini Characters (or simply use the Atom), then enter the pipe via the tiny opening on its right side. Run through the pipe, stepping on each button to remove obstacles as you head toward the Character Token that awaits you on the left!

The Joker Clown Henchman

Head over to the blue lift that lies on the Batcave’s left side (the one that brings you to and from the dock) and notice five nearby blue flags with yellow Batman decals. The flags are all in the vicinity; quickly destroy all five of them to reveal a Character Token!


Go up to the Batcomputer at the top of the Batcave’s Main Room and use an electricity character, such as Shazam!, Black Adam, or an Electricity Suit to activate the nearby electric panel. A nearby crate pops open, exposing a Character Token!

Bruce Wayne

Down at the docks, use sonar to shatter the glass LEGO object in the background near the water. This lets you enter a tiny LEGO cave. Use super senses to detect a gold object inside the cave, then blast it with a laser or heat vision to discover a Token!


Adam West in Peril!

A number of heroic costumes are on display on the Batcave’s right side. Wait a minute, one of those suits is moving … it’s Adam West! Talk about a model citizen. Help poor Adam out of his predicament by using sonar to shatter the display case.