Batcave Character Customizer

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Batcave Character Customizer

Go through the door to the right of the Batcomputer to enter the Character Customizer. The high-tech contraption in this room gives you the power to create your very own LEGO characters for use in Free Play! You can use any of the parts owned by characters you’ve unlocked, and you can even purchase more parts if you like. Unlock every character in the game to unlock all of the customizer parts!

Gold Bricks

Gold Brick 1

Go upstairs to the platform on the right and use sonar to shatter the glass LEGO case in the wall. This exposes a techno panel. Hack it with a techno character to open a nearby capsule containing a shiny Gold Brick!

Character Tokens

Gray Ghost

The Character Customizer room features five little Batcomputers. Smash all five, and the lasers to the right of the customizer booths shut down. Destroy the gas tank that the lasers were guarding to discover a high-octane Character Token!