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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Official Digital Strategy Guide

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Weapons & Equipment

Amiibo and the Cave of Shadows

Friends & Fiends

How to Use This Walkthrough

Overworld: Ordon Village; Tranquility Before the Twilight

Overworld: A Wolf Howls in the Twilight

Dungeon 1: The Forest Temple

Overworld: From Faron Province to the Goron Mines

Dungeon 2: Goron Mines

Overworld: Journey Through Lanayru Province

Overworld: Thorough Explorations and Saving the Zora Prince

Dungeon 3: Lakebed Temple

Overworld: The Great Hylian Treasure Hunt

Dungeon 4: Arbiter's Grounds

Overworld: Climbing Snowpeak Mountain

Dungeon 5: Snowpeak Ruins

Overworld: Return to the Sacred Grove

Dungeon 6: Temple of Time

Overworld: Ascension to the City in the Sky

Dungeon 7: City in the Sky

Overworld: Assembling the Mirror of Twilight

Dungeon 8: Palace of Twilight

Dungeon 9: Hyrule Castle

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