The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

Upgrade Link's arsenal, find all of the Great Fairies, claim the Biggoron's Sword, discover all the Bottles, and more!


There are numerous upgrades for Link's various items in the game. These make them more "sexy", so to speak, but it mainly increases the item's capacity. There's no specific order to get these, so the upgrades will flip-flop if you collect them in a different consistency.

Young Link

Item: Deku Stick

Location: Lost Woods

Reward: Deku Sticks x30

When you enter the Lost Woods, head left and zip-passed the Skull Kid getting his groove on. Enter the next log tunnel and hop down the ledge. You'll arrive underneath Kokiri Forest's bridge at its entrance.

Find a Deku Scrub in the corner beyond the bridge and bounce the nut back at him to have a chat. He'll sell you the upgrade for 40 Rupees.|

Item: Deku Nuts

Location: Lost Woods

Reward: Deku Nuts x30

Use this path through the Lost Woods: right, left, right, left, straight, and then left. Bomb the rock in the corner of this four-way intersection and drop down the secret hole. Inside, reflect the nut back at the Deku Scrub, and he'll sell the upgrade for 40 Rupees.

Item: Deku Nuts

Location: Lost Woods

Reward: Deku Nuts x40

From the Lost Wood's entrance, go right, left, right, left, and then left. You'll find a hidden hole in the flowers (where the butterflies float). Wear the Mask of Truth and the Deku Scrub will give you the upgrade for having such an ugly face!

Item: Slingshot

Location: Lost Woods

Reward: Deku Bullet Bag (x40)

Head right through the first log tunnel in the Lost Woods. Drop down the ledge and you'll see a log target on the tree. Use the Fairy Slingshot and hit the bulls eye three times (scoring 100 points in a row). The Deku Scrub will reward you the prize for your efforts.

Item: Fairy Slingshot

Location: Hyrule Market

Reward: Biggest Deku Bullet Bag (x50)

Try out the Shooting Gallery in the market. If you nail all the Rupees, you'll be awarded the upgrade.

Item: Bombs

Location: Hyrule Market

Reward: Big Bomb Bag (x30)|

At night, play and win the mini-game at the Bombchu Bowling Alley multiple times. Eventually, the prize will be the Big Bomb Bag.

Item: Bombs

Location: Goron City

Reward: Biggest Bomb Bag (x40)

There's a large Goron rolling around on the second level of the city. Put a stop to his fun by using a Bomb. He'll be a little upset the first time -- do it again and he'll reward you the upgrade!|

Adult Link

Item: Arrows

Location: Kakariko Village

Reward: Big Quiver (x40)

When you return to Kakariko Village, the new Shooting Gallery will be built and available. Play and win the game (hitting all the Rupees), and the bearded-man will reward you the Big Quiver!

Item: Arrows

Location: Gerudo Fortress

Reward: Biggest Quiver (x50)

Try your luck at the Archery Range to the north of Gerudo Fortress. If you score 1500 points, you'll get the Biggest Quiver.|

The Biggoron's Sword

In order to get the Biggoron's Sword, which is a gigantic blade that packs more of a punch than the legendary Master Sword, you have to go through a series of trading sequences with unique items and people.

Oh, and remember -- you must be an adult! Follow this guide, and take note you have limited time to deliver some items across Hyrule. (You cannot use warp-points, either!)

Item: Pocket Cucco

Have a chat with the Cucco Lady in the southeast part of town. Her Cucco isn't entirely happy, and you're just the one to fix that! She'll give you the oddly-named Pocket Cucco.

Wait overnight and the Pocket Cucco will hatch. Head inside the Carpenters' House in the village, and find the snoring-man Talon sleeping in the bed. Wake him up with the Pocket Cucco, and he'll return to his ranch.

Item: Cojiro

Return to the Cucco Lady and give her the Pocket Cucco. In return, she'll give you a Cojiro, a rare blue Cucco. The game will mark your destination on the map, which is the Lost Woods.

Take your first left from the woods and find the Cucco Lady's brother sitting near the tree log. Use the Cojiro to get his attention, and he'll give you an Odd Mushroom.

Item: Odd Mushroom

After the man gives you the Odd Mushroom, you'll have three minutes to bring it to the Witch at Kakariko Village -- use Epona to speed up your time.

The Witch's Shop is located behind the Potion Shop in the northeast part of town; use the Longshot to grapple to the shop's roof and hop down behind there. Talk to the old hag and she'll, um, smell the Odd Mushroom. Give it to her, and she'll grant you the Odd Poultice.

Item: Odd Poultice

Make you way back to the Lost Woods where you met the strange man. Talk to the Kokiri girl and give her the Odd Poultice, and you'll receive the Poacher's Saw.

Item: Poacher's Saw

Head to Gerudo Valley and give the Poacher's Saw to the carpenter leader outside the tent. In return, he'll give you the Broken Goron Sword.

Item: Broken Goron Sword

Your next destination, marked on your map, is the Death Mountain Summit.

Climb to the very top of the mountain (near the entrance to the Death Mountain Crater) and look to the right of the entrance. You'll watch a short cut-scene and meet a gigantic Goron who's seen better days. Give him the Broken Goron Sword, and he will give you a Prescription in return.

Item: Prescription

As the Goron says, bring the Prescription to King Zora in Zora's Domain. The king will give you an Eyeball Frog, which needs to be taken to the scientist at the Lakeside Laboratory in Lake Hylia.

Item: Eyeball Frog

You only have three minutes to make it to the laboratory -- swim through Zora's River and ride Epona to Lake Hylia! Give the frog to the scientist, and he'll give you the World's Finest Eyedrops.

Item: World's Finest Eyedrops

You'll have four minutes to make it to the top of the Death Mountain Summit without the eye drops going bad. Take your horse and ride to Kakariko Village!

If you planted a Magic Bean in the Death Mountain Trail as a child, you can save yourself some time and ride up to the summit's trail. Once you make it, give him the eye drops. For your long haul, he'll give you a Claim Check.

Item: Claim Check

The Goron informs you it'll take a couple days to complete the broken sword. For a quicker result, simply play the Sun's Song multiple times -- you don't even have to leave the area!

Once two days have passed, hand him the Claim Check and you'll receive the Biggoron's Sword!

Biggoron's Sword

The Biggoron's Sword is the best blade a hero can wield. It deals tremendous amount of damage, and is more powerful than the Master Sword itself! This works great for the final boss of the game, since at one point you'll be stripped away from carrying the Master Sword momentarily. Take advantage of it!

Happy Mask Shop

The Happy Mask Shop is located in Hyrule Market, right by the entrance to the Temple of Time. Here, you'll run into a side quest that allows Link to become a salesman, and do some business for the shop.

Each mask that becomes available can be sold to specific characters throughout Hyrule. Once the mask is sold, return the cash at the shop, and the next mask will be available. Use this guide to claim some Rupees -- and eventually, the Mask of Truth.

Keaton Mask

This mask can be sold to the guard at the north gate of Kakariko Village, at the entrance to the Death Mountain Trail.

Skull Mask

From the Lost Woods, go left and stand on the log. Talk to the Skull Kid and he'll buy the mask (which is worth 20 Rupees, but he'll rip you off and buy it for half-price).

Spooky Mask

Head to the Graveyard during the day and sell it to the kid mocking Dampé -- he'll buy it for an evenly-price.

Bunny Hood

You will see a fellow jogging on the main trail in Hyrule Field (usually around Lon Lon Ranch). Follow him until he stops (he'll take a break during the night). Not only will he buy the mask, but for a tremendous amount of money!

Mask of Truth

Once you do some business and sell the four previous masks, the Happy Mask Shop owner will award you the Mask of Truth. With it, you can talk to Gossip Stones for advice and hints for the game. Also, you can claim the Deku Nut upgrade in the Lost Woods -- check the upgrade section on how to get it!|

New Masks

After obtaining the Mask of Truth, three new masks will be available: the Goron Mask, Zora Mask, and Gerudo Mask. These don't necessarily have any crucial purpose, but you can mess with each race and talk to people while wearing it.

Bottle Locations

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D has a total of four Bottles you can add to your collection. The fourth is the trickiest, so use this as a guide to find 'em!

Bottle 1

Location: Lon Lon Ranch

When: Child

As Young Link, head over to Lon Lon Ranch and talk to Talon in the house. Play his searching-Cucco game and win. He'll reward you with a Bottle -- and some Lon Lon Milk to go with it!

Bottle 2

Location: Kakariko Village

When: Child

Help the Cucco Lady on the east side of town find all of her missing Cuccos and return them to the pen. Here are their locations: -It's next to the Cucco Lady. -At the entrance of the village. -Inside a crate next to the Carpenters' House -- roll into the crate to break it. -In front of the shops north. -On the ledge across the under-construction building -- use another Cucco to reach it. -Use a Cucco to glide over the fence in the northeast part of the village; there's another one in this area (throw them both back over the fence). -Beyond the fence to the northeast, climb the ladder and walk around behind the windmill; it's at the other side.

Bottle 3

Location: Lake Hylia

When: Child

You'll see a Zora swimming around the lake. After you acquire the Silver Scale from Zora's Domain, dive under the water and you'll find it at the bottom of the lake near the domain's warp point.

Bottle 4

Location: Hyrule Market

When: Adult

After Hyrule Castle has been taken over by Ganondorf, check the guardhouse at the entrance of the market. You'll meet a strange red-eyed fellow who runs the Ghost Shop. If you acquire all of his "special" Poes, he'll reward you with the last ''Bottle''.

The Big Poes are all located in Hyrule Field; night or day. You must embark Epona and ride her in order to have the larger ones spawn. Use the Fairy Bow to dismiss the ghosts, and then store them in an empty bottle. Make sure you hurry when snatching them -- they'll disappear in time.

They're quick, so don't think this will be easy! On the other hand, they tend to only spawn when you navigate in in a certain direction or spot. Use the list below to catch 'em all.

-North, just beyond the Hyrule castle entrance sign (heading west).
-In the northwest corner, along the creek. Head south from the end of the creek to have it spawn. -You must ride up to the end of the hill with the fence near the entrance of Zora's River. You'll see it near the tree below. -Head west on the trail in front of Lon Lon Ranch. -At the east side of the ranch, you'll find a v-shaped brick wall. Ride to the tip of it for the Big Poe to appear. -Head west from the east side of the ranch. You'll see it spawn near a gray rock. -Take the trail southeast towards the rocks and trees. -Head southeast towards the wall; in-between the trees. -Ride through the lower trail north, near the Gerudo Valley entrance. -Wrap around the west side of Lon Lon Ranch. Continue on the upper hill with the fences.

Great Fairy Fountains

Great Fairies will reward you with magic spells and enhancements to make your adventure more forgiving. All the Great Fairies are detailed in the walkthrough, but use this as a quick reference if you're missing some!

Also, it's mandatory to play Zelda's Lullaby in front of each fountain on the Triforce symbol for the Fairies to appear. Hey, it's Fairy policy!

Great Fairy 1

When: Child

Need: Bombs

Reward: Magic Meter/Spin Attack upgrade

When you reach the top of the Death Mountain Summit, bomb the cracked wall left of the crater's entrance to discover a hidden cave.

Great Fairy 2

When: Child

Need: Bombs

Reward: Din's Fire

Outside of Hyrule Castle's trail (with the guards), you'll find a sign to the east side of the area that reads "Dead End." Beyond that is a rock; blow it up with a Bomb.

Great Fairy 3


Need: Bombs

Reward: Farore's Wind

In the southeast corner of Zora's Fountain rests a piece of land. Bomb the rock against the wall to reveal the tunnel leading to the fountain.

###Great Fairy 4

When: Adult

Need: Megaton Hammer

Reward: Double Magic Capacity

After clearing the Fire Temple, search the west part of Death Mountain Crater (near the entrance). There's a small bridge you can cross, which leads to two small rocks against the southwest wall. Use the Megaton Hammer to clear the way to the Fairy's tunnel.

Great Fairy 5

When: Child/Adult

Need: Bombs

Reward: Nayru's Love

Before heading to the Spirit Temple, check to the north part of the Desert Colossus for two palm trees. Bomb the cracked wall in between them for a secret tunnel.

Great Fairy 6

When: Adult

Need: Golden Gauntlets

Reward: 1/2+ Defense

Once you acquire the Golden Gauntlets in Ganon's Castle, head outside to the east section to find a pillar. Pick it up to clear the way to the Fairy's Fountain.

Magic Bean Soils

Magic Beans can be planted in a special squared-patch of soil when Link is a child. It'll grow into a large stalk Link can ride when he becomes older.

Additionally, it will aid him into reaching new areas and items. For each patch, you can plant Bugs to receive a Gold Skulltula. Use this as a checklist; they're hard to keep track of!

Zora's River

It's right next to the man who sells Magic Beans in the first section.

Kokiri Village

To the right of the Kokiri Shop in the NE corner.

Lost Woods

From the Lost Wood's entrance, head left twice; it's in front of the bridge.

Lost Woods

From the entrance of the Lost Woods, go right, left, right, left, and then left. You'll see it in the right-hand corner.


You'll find the soil in the NW corner.

Death Mountain Trail

It's on the right side of the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern.

Death Mountain Crater

The soil is near the Triforce warp stand.

Lake Hylia

Next to the Lakeside Laboratory; in the north section of the lake.

Gerudo Valley

It's on the ledge at the bottom of the canyon; on the west side of the river (near a crate).

Desert Colossus

It's next to the Spirit Temple's entrance.

Golden Scale

This nifty item can be won at the Fishing Pond in Lake Hylia. You must catch a fish at least 18 pounds (this could be lesser-than, but it's the size I captured to claim the item). The fisherman will reward you when doing so.

The Golden Scale allows Link to dive even deeper into the water. It's good for snagging items underwater, but more importantly, it can win you the Piece of Heart inside the Lakeside Laboratory.

The Sinking Lure

One item that can aid you in catching a large fish is the Sinking Lure. This neat cast-bait is in a random location; usually near the log in the Fishing Pond or near the small creek. You'll instantly pick it up as you walk into it.

Make sure to mention it to the fisherman BEFORE using it -- he'll let you break the rules of fishing!

Note: You CAN find it as either a child or as an adult. I've discovered it in both time zones!

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