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Gear and Items Quest Items

Quest items are necessary for completing dungeons and traversing the overworld. They also provide additional help in defeating enemies and bosses. One even allows Link to gaze into the realm of the dead. Each one has its own purpose, however every item depletes Link's energy gauge with each use.

Hint Glasses

Description: A useful pair of spectacles that, when worn, make the unseen visible. Equip the Hint Glasses to either or to gain the power to view a realm invisible to the naked eye. If you’re lucky, you might spot the Hint Ghost, and at a price of one Play Coin, he will bestow a hint.

Location: You receive this item from the Fortune-Teller, just north of Kakariko Village. Try using the glasses in different locations to see what you will find.


Description: The lamp is key to illuminating dark rooms and lighting braziers to solve puzzles. Simply equip the lamp to or for instant light as well as a weapon for burning enemies. The lamp depletes your energy gauge while active, so use sparingly.

Location: Find the lamp in the secret entrance to the Sanctuary.

Super Lamp

Description: This upgraded form of the lamp uses less energy and causes eight times more damage to enemies. Like the weaker lamp, equip it to or . The super lamp is highly effective against ice-based enemies and bosses.

Location: This item is awarded to you after overcoming the Advanced level in the Treacherous Tower for the first time. Complete this task as soon as possible to get the most use from the super lamp.


Description: This basic net can be used for catching bees (equip to or ). It also serves as a weapon. Link performs a spin move with the net, damaging all nearby enemies.

Location: Once you obtain a bottle, go and speak with the Bee Man to receive the net in return for agreeing to catch bees and bring them back to him.

Super Net

Description: The super net has the same capturing prowess as the basic net, although it inflicts eight times more damage than the regular net. Use it as a weapon when the enemies that surround you are too great.

Location: This is awarded to Link after completing the Advanced course for a second time in the Treacherous Tower. Just know that you must already have the net in your item pouch to receive this upgrade, so make sure you have gained the basic net before completing the Advanced level.


Description: Made by hand by the Blacksmith’s Wife, the pouch conveniently increases the number of items that Link can equip. With this, you can assign an item to , so collect this as soon as humanly possible!

Location: The pouch is left behind by Gulley in the woods south of the Blacksmith. The area is easily visible on the map: the circular clearing in the middle of a wooded area.


Description: An incredibly prized possession, the bottle is a must for holding anything from potions and milk to bees and fairies. A bottle may not seem like much, but it’s one of the most useful items you can find in the overworld.

Location: Five bottles can be obtained throughout the overworld:

  • The simplest bottle to obtain is from a merchant in Kakariko Village.
  • Receive another from a strange man underneath the bridge to the east of your house.
  • The third bottle is given to you by the man dying of thirst for premium milk on the Death Mountain Trail.
  • Blow open the outside back wall of the abandoned house with a bomb, and find the fourth bottle in the chest inside.
  • Gain the fifth and final bottle from the Great Fairy, west of the Big Bomb Flower, in exchange for throwing 3,000 Rupees in the Great Fairy Fountain.