After traversing the platforms and finding yourself in the room with the blue smoke, Trico slinks off before you can follow it. Before you can continue to the next portion of the game, you’re going to need to regroup with Trico, and cut off the flow of smoke so you can talk the creature into moving forward. We’ll show you how to complete this area, as well as how to escape the water area that you fall into.

Find Trico

Head forward after Trico vanishes under the gate, and climb through the hole. There’s a hole here, so head to the right of the missing floor and climb on the wall. There are several handholds that you can grab onto and use to cross to the other side. Unfortunately you can’t continue on any further, so you’ll find yourself falling, where you’ll land on Trico’s back.

The beast is too busy sniffing the blue smoke coming from the nearby cauldron, so you’ll need to figure out some way to get rid of it before you can continue.

Jump down off of Trico, and then head around the cauldron. Grab onto the bar on the side and try to pull it. It will break, removing the ability to pull the cauldron away. Don’t worry, though. Head down the track a little and call out to Trico, this will cause the beast to move towards you, which will push the cauldron forward, so you can easily grab onto the other bar and push the cauldron forward.

Continue pushing the cauldron until it is under the small archway in front of you. Then climb on top of Trico and hop to the archway. There is a switch on the left side of the arch that you can access via a ladder. Flip the switch to change the way that the cauldron’s tracks are set. This will allow you to push it forward further

Climb back out of the small alcove and hop down to the cauldron, pushing it forward until the floor breaks away and you fall into a pool of water.

Find a Way Out of the Water

It’s time to find a way out of the water, so look around the area and take note of the crate nearby. Climb out of the water and push the crate in. You can then grab onto it and push it around by pressing and holding the Circle button. Climb on the crate and call out to Trico, this will cause the beast to move around, eventually dropping its tail through one of the cracks above. Position the crate below Trico’s tail, and then climb up.

With the cauldron tipped over, the room is now clear and the air is clean, allowing you and Trico to move forward.

Now that you are out, it’s time to continue moving forward. Climb all the way up onto Trico’s back, and then command Trico to jump to the platform above you. Your companion shouldn’t take long to convince, and then all you will need to do is sit back and wait for the action to end.

At the top of the series of jumps, you’ll find yourself blocked by a gate and several armored statues. Let Trico take care of the statues, then pet your companion on the neck to calm it. Your next objective is to find Trico some food. Luckily it’s right through the gate, so climb through the hole in the railing and use the boxes inside to toss the Barrel out to your companion.

With Trico fed, and ready to continue, climb on the creature’s back, and command it to jump to the open window in the wall to your left. Use the ledges outside to shimmy around the outside of the area, and then drop down onto the broken walkway outside. Follow the walkway around until the roof opens, allowing you to drop inside.

Run back towards Trico, and try to grab the bar on the door to open it. A cut scene will trigger, and then you will find yourself having to rush back down the walkway, away from Trico, as the floor crumbles beneath you.

Follow the path, jumping over any gaps in the floor. Eventually another cut scene will trigger, and Trico will scoop the boy up, leaping away to safety, bringing the sequence to an end.

Escape the Arena

From here, all that’s left to do is direct Trico upwards. Look around to the side, and command Trico to jump. The creature will take note of a nearby rock jutting from the side of the cliff.Trico will jump to it, and then over to a nearby stone platform that leads to a large arena like structure.

Move into the arena, and make sure to grab the nearby Barrel before you leave. There are several armored statues in the lower section of the area, so call Trico in and have it take care of your foes. With the statues down, calm the beast, and then command it to jump onto the gear-like item to the right of the middle gate. This will cause it to open the gate up, allowing you access to a wagon cart inside.

Pull the wagon out and position it under the massive barred opening in the roof of the arena. Climb onto one side, and Trico will step on the other, propelling you into the air, where you can grab onto the bars in the ceiling above. Climb up, then head around and look for a pathway that leads around the area. This will lead you to a switch that you can use to open up the gate above where you entered the arena. Call out to Trico and the beast will come to you, jumping up to the new area.

Climb the Cliffside

With Trico and the boy reunited, head through the middle room above the arena and out the gate to the right. This will lead to a balcony with access to a small rooftop that you can follow around to another balcony. From here, climb onto Trico’s back and have your companion jump to the rock in the cliff above you. You’ll be able to spot it easily thanks to a spectacular waterfall flowing from the side of it.

Once you reach the waterfall, head inside the cavern and follow the stream. Feed Trico the Barrel at the end of the area, then hop back onto Trico’s back and command it to jump through the hole at the top of the wall.

Through the hole you will find a room with a massive and deep pool of water. The trick to getting through this area is to dive under the water using X, and then swim through the hole in the wall under the gate. Inside you will find a ladder that you can climb. Flip the switch at the top of the ladder, and the gate will raise, allowing Trico to gain access to a much larger gate further below. Climb onto the creature’s back, and command it to dive, and then hold on as you’re pulled into the next area.

The next water puzzle is a bit more challenging. Swim under the water like last time, and use the hole in the wall to gain access to the area behind the gate. Sadly, the ladder is broken this time, so you’re going to have to wait for Trico to climb out of the water using the nearby shore. Then, call out to the creature to have it dive back in, which will create a wave that can allow you to grab the lip of the platform with the switch to the gate.

Flip the switch, then climb onto Trico’s back and hold on. Halfway through the dive you’ll run out of breath, and the boy will float away slowly as Trico continues moving through the tunnel.

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